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ICYMI: The #MuslimWomensDay Conversations Surrounding All Things Fashion, Beauty, and Media

As the third annual #MuslimWomensDay campaign came to a conclusion, we came face to face with a tsunami of original content celebrating and elevating Muslim women taking their respective fields by storm. From a barrage of original art, emotional odes, and proclamations of allyship that flooded our timelines and newsfeeds arose narratives that depicted the…

#MuslimWomensDay The Clique

#MuslimWomensDay Returns for a 3rd Year on March 27! 

On March 27, 2019, get ready for our third annual #MuslimWomensDay campaign. It’s our call to action to media partners, organizational friends and allies to empower Muslim women by pledging to center our voices for the day. This year, we zero in on the theme of “Muslim Women Talk Back to Immigrant Life” to center the…


What the First #MuslimWomensDay Meant to Me

“Go back home now,” the virtual troll on Twitter screamed  in caps. I was told that America did not celebrate a day for Muslim women. That I did not belong here. This invisible person hiding behind a keyboard somewhere believed that he or she has the right to exist, but not me. Because a month ago,…


13 Influential Muslim Women Reflect on #MuslimWomensDay

1. March 27 got us feeling like we can. Plus, we’re fangirling so hard.   2. Straight from Dr. Fahmy herself! 3. The Women’s Regional Network aims to connect grassroots activists in South Asia, and give some love to our Muslim coders. 4. Remembering the women who have fought long and hard against all sorts of discrimination….


What YOU Had to Say About #MuslimWomensDay

Muslim Women’s Day has been an enormous success, thanks in part to our official partners, as well as the media outlets that covered the event! It was also the top trending hashtag on Twitter on March 27 — but what made it special was how our everyday Muslim sisters joined in the celebration. It was how…