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The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Muslim Girls

It’s summertime! It’s the time of year when school’s out, vacations are in order, and books are in our hands, luggage, or shopping carts. Whether you’re looking for a book to bring to the beach, on your flight, or when you desperately wish to travel, our Muslim Girl Summer Reading List is here to recommend…


Book review: ‘Hijab Butch Blues’ by Lamya H.

June is regarded as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, which began after the Stonewall riots, a series of protests for gay liberation in 1969. Since it’s spread to being celebrated and honored outside of the United States, I wanted to acknowledge that queer Muslims exist and decided to read a highly anticipated book released earlier this year,…


Check Out This Muslim Swiftie’s Adventure at The Eras Tour 2023

On November 1st, 2022, Taylor Swift announced The Eras Tour 2023 on Good Morning America. I was ecstatic and nervous because, come on, who wouldn’t be? Once I was sure who would be accompanying me to The Eras Tour, I immediately signed up for presale. One of the biggest obstacles was getting the tickets for…

The Marriage Clock by Zara Raheem

Here Are 7 AAPI Female Authors You Need to Read

As Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) month comes to an end, we’ve compiled a list of authors that should make it to your reading list. 1. Selina Mehmood “A Pandemic in Residence” is Mahmood’s personal documentation of what it feels like to identify as a Pakistani, American, Muslim neurology student amidst COVID-19. A…

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Unveiling the Lens: We Need More Muslim Filmmakers

When I close my eyes, I can envision the silhouette of my younger self sitting in a crevice between my grandmother’s legs and her very Egyptian golden sofa, which held one too many pillows on its belly. I sip Ahmed Tea as she flicks through the Arabic channels – the only television I knew that…

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Reema Jallaq Is Healing the World With Laughter as the Caucasian Arab

Do you remember a time when watching a comedy helped you forget pain you were feeling? That line in a movie that made you laugh so hard you forgot why you were upset or sad for even a short time? This is the precise reason Reema Jallaq, otherwise known as the Caucasian_Arab, became a comedian….

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Book Review: ‘Don’t Be Sad’

Life isn’t simple. We’re constantly being tested, whether it’s in significant, life-changing ways or minor ones. Sometimes we feel like the whole world is against us – and then there are moments in which we feel we have conquered the entire world, yet we are still unsatisfied with our accomplishments. While at times we may…


Vogue France Features a Hijabi on Its Cover for the First Time

For the first time in its history of publication, the August 2022 issue of Vogue France featured two Somali women on the cover — and the first hijabi, in spite of France’s hijab ban. This is the first time in over 100 years of its publishing history that there is finally a hijabi on the…

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The poem below is written in honor of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Surviving is more than just making it to the next morning Surviving requires living It takes work to do the living Because to live requires you to be alive And suddenly Making it to the next morning does not seem so…

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How Real Are the “Real Housewives of Dubai”?

The Real Housewives franchise seems like it’s been in existence since the dawn of time. Recently, the Real Housewives franchise went international, to Dubai. The cast of six diverse women includes a native Emirati, Dubai’s first Black Supermodel, and a Housewives franchise alumna. While the franchise will focus on the women’s stories, it’s important to…


Is Euphoria’s Ali the Muslim Representation We Need?

The second season of Euphoria came to an explosive end, leaving viewers with a mixed bag of emotions. While we were introduced to a variety of new characters this season, we also got to see the return of some of our favorites. Among them, we saw the return of Ali, Rue’s sponsor and mentor in rehab. Ali…