The Marriage Clock by Zara Raheem

Here Are 7 AAPI Female Authors You Need to Read

As Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) month comes to an end, we’ve compiled a list of authors that should make it to your reading list.

1. Selina Mehmood

“A Pandemic in Residence” is Mahmood’s personal documentation of what it feels like to identify as a Pakistani, American, Muslim neurology student amidst COVID-19. A mix of science, poetry, and personal narrative, this book is surely one of a kind!

2. Uzma Jalaluddin

We’re not a tad bit surprised that “Ayesha at Last” is an award nominee for the Goodreads Choice! A spectacular romance novel that retells Pride and Prejudice from a Muslim perspective.

3. Karuna Riazi

“A Bit of Earth” is the perfect novel for young adults as it explores themes of identity through a heartfelt plot. The characters are brought to life by Riazi’s art of poetry and prose!

4. Zara Raheem

We know too well the struggles of getting married and the pressure that comes with being single as the age clock ticks! Does anyone ever understand that the “marriage clock” is a real phenomenal? Experience Leila’s journey of finding her soulmate in the best-selling novel, “The Marriage Clock.”

5. Ayisha Malik

If you’re a sucker for rom-com, this novel is the right pick! The novel tells the tale of Sofia Khan who finds little luck when it comes to dating. She often finds herself a bit confused at the intersection of religion and culture and narrates what her experience is like!

6. Soniah Kamal

Scandals and rumors are always hot talks in Pakistani culture! Inspired by Jane Austen’s writing, Kamal writes a story revolving around sisterhood, social class, love and marriage. By use of storytelling, Kamal beautifully depicts the double standards Pakistani women face when it comes to love, sex and marriage.

7. Farah Heron

Imagine falling in love with someone from a different religious and cultural background as you. “The Chai Factor” explores how two people, from opposite worlds can’t help but fall in love!

We hope you’ve noted down which novels will be making it to your reading list! If you’d like to recommend AAPI authors, please email us at