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Discover 15 Inspiring Muslim Women Mental Health Influencers to Follow

Mental health is an essential topic that is widely discussed these days, irrespective of gender, background, or beliefs. In the past, even in Muslim societies, mental well-being was often considered a taboo subject, and discussing one’s feelings was completely out of the question.

Alhamdulillah, as we enter the era of modernization, technological advancements, and increased knowledge, more individuals, especially Muslim women, are emerging on social media platforms to highlight the concerning state of mental health among the youth in Muslim communities. They also provide guidance on how to cultivate a healthier lifestyle for a better future.

There is great power in being a Muslim woman influencer who challenges the stigma surrounding mental health in Muslim communities and brings hope to those who have lost it. After thorough research on Instagram, we have curated a list of remarkable individuals you should follow this year.

Whether you seek occasional doses of inspiration to keep you motivated or if you are actively working towards improving your mental well-being, these women are worth following!

1. Yasmin Mogahed

Known for her best-selling book, “Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free from Life’s Shackles,” Yasmin Mogahed is an American-Muslim , public speaker, and spiritual teacher. She is well-known for her enlightening writings on various topics such as spirituality, self-help, and personal development. If you’re in need of some short pep talk to reignite your spirituality and redeem yourself, her Insta is the place to go! 

2. Shazrina Azman

Shazrina Azman, better known by Mizz Nina, was a Malaysian singer, and songwriter, and is currently the founder of QalbyApp, a super mobile app that provides various content on Islamic education and lifestyle. Her hijrah is truly an inspiring journey for us sisters who are on the lookout to transition from good to better. Follow her and get a dose of hope, with her aesthetic feed; a mix between inspirational Islamic quotes, and a glimpse of her world.

3. Sarah

Sarah is a certified psychotherapist and founder of Canada’s first and largest BIPOC-focused mental health platform, Leena. Her feed is rich with insights and information on mental wellness, some of the great recipes to understand yourself and how your mind works in a beautiful and complex way. Follow her now and get educated on mental health!

4. Silmy Risman

If you’re a Malay or Indonesian speaker, you might want to follow Silmy Risman, a wonderful speaker and founder of Lingkar Ibu and Cyclebreaker Class, a Muslim mental health course located in Indonesia. Her content is focused on mental health in parenting, for mothers, and wellness in general. Give her a follow now and show her some love!

5. Maliha Khan

Maliha Khan is a licensed professional counselor intern and loves sharing information about mental health on her Youtube channel and social media. She’s ready to help South Asians & Muslims break unhealthy generational cycles, especially those who are currently facing issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Her short-form content is fun and insightful.

6. Sarah Shah

Meet Sarah, a captivating Pakistani-American, Muslim woman who brings a unique blend of cultural insights and personal experiences to her work. Born and raised in the vibrant state of Texas, Qalby draws strength from her bicultural identity, embracing the beauty and complexities that come with it. Fluent in both Urdu and English, she effortlessly bridges cultural divides and understands the nuances of navigating multiple worlds. Follow her and get a closer look at how she approaches mental health!

7. Dr. Rania Awaad

If you’ve been following scholars on social media for a while now, you might come across Dr. Rania’s Awaad and her educational content, events and lectures on mental wellness. Dr. Rania Awaad is an Egyptian-American Islamic scholar, psychiatrist, and professor. She’s a Clinical Associate Professor in the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. Dr. Rania is well-known for her work on Islam and psychology and the mental health of Muslim Americans.

8. Najwa Awad

Najwa Awad, a Licensed Certified Social Worker and Perinatal Mental Health, is a renowned psychotherapist specializing in child and adult therapy. With expertise in EMDR and perinatal mental health, she has transformed countless lives. As a fellow at Yaqeen Institute, writer, and community speaker, Najwa inspires and guides others on their journey to healing and resilience. Follow her social media now to catch a glimpse of her positive vibes.

9. Naziat Hassan-Ahmed

Naziat is a dedicated wife and mother, a psychotherapist, and a clinical supervisor. With her expertise as an LMHC and LPC, she guides people on transformative journeys of self-discovery. As a QCC College counselor and professor, she imparts her knowledge and compassion to those who would like to pursue the journey to be better and help others. As a proud Bengali, she embraces cultural nuances in her practice, creating a safe and inclusive space.

10. Nafisa

Marriage is a huge part of life, and it can affect your mental health for the better or worse. If you’re currently experiencing the latter, whether you’re going through a heartbreak, a huge trauma in life involving marriage and divorce, or managing as a single parent, The Deen Qween is a platform that provides a safe space for you to mend your heart and take charge of your life again. 

11. Ruwaida

Ruwaida is a life coach specializing in Islamic Framework Coaching just for women. With expertise in trauma recovery, holistic healing, and addressing abuse, life stress, anxiety, and depression, she guides clients on an insightful journey of recovery. Through a compassionate and culturally sensitive approach, Ruwaida combines Islamic principles with therapeutic techniques to foster healing and inner strength.

12. Samia Quddus 

Samia Quddus is a therapist with qualifications as an MBACP PGDip, a primary teacher, and a best-selling author. Samiah’s expertise lies in the realm of psychotherapy, where she combines faith-wellness tools with her knowledge as the author of the UK’s first psychospiritual Islamic gratitude journal, Taqdeer Life, established in 2017. Her work is supported by doctors, psychologists, and mental health professionals, further highlighting the credibility of her work.

13. Liyana Musfira

Liyanah Musfirah is a highly educated individual, admired by Singaporeans and Malaysians. Liyana Musfirah actively engages with women of all ages and addresses their concerns. In late 2018, she established the Liyana Musfirah Network (LMN) with the belief in the importance of connections and networks. Her dedication and impact in her community have been recognized, as she received the Most Influential Womenpreneur Award in 2019. This accolade has inspired her to utilize her influence even further in supporting, guiding, attending to, and fostering learning within her community of women followers.

14. Aida Azlin 

If you’re in need of a weekly pick me up, consider subscribing to Aida Azlin’s weekly newsletters, or as she likes to call them, ‘Love Letters’. She also has a podcast where she posts her musings and thoughts on mental wellness, relationships, and a peek into her life and how it molds her perspective as a Muslim woman. If you’re into podcasts, hers is totally worth it!

15. Razia Hamidi 

With over a decade of experience working closely with the Muslim community, Razia Hamidi helps people solidify their faith, relationships, and careers through spirituality. She also provides organizational and program development consultation to non-profit organizations. Combining her expertise and Islamic knowledge, she offers holistic marriage counseling and life coaching. Her goal in life is to help individuals connect with their spirituality, leading to a happy, confident, and love-filled life!

Our mental health community is growing stronger every day, thanks to these women who voice out, educate and empower Muslims worldwide. There are many more deserving individuals out there who deserve recognition. So, if you happen to come across your favorite person, the one who resonates with you the most, hold on to them for those days when you need a boost!