Allow her to reintroduce herself.

Halima Aden Makes Her Comeback

When Halima Aden arrived to the Muslim Girl Iftar in New York City during Ramadan, she did so in true Muslim Girl style: a head-to-toe hot pink pantsuit with matching sky-high heels, flawless hijab framing those famous dimples, and her best friend by her side. When I was looking for her moments earlier after a…

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How Amani Prays While Wearing Nail Polish

“Why do you wear nail polish when you pray?” As Muslim Girl’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I get a lot of comments about why I do the things I do. Rather than answering each comment I get on social media individually, I put together this video to finally talk about one of the most common questions…

In Honor Of International Women's Day

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Muslim Girl Opens Paid Pitches

Dear Readers and Allies, I’m proud to announce on International Women’s Day that our award-winning platform is on a new course with the following changes: Being a minority-run woman-founded media platform has presented unique challenges to gaining the support we need and deserve. As many of our partners and supporters know, our paid staff has…

The Hadid side of the story

Alana Hadid Wants You to Talk to Palestinians

In the next wave of Palestine advocacy, Alana Hadid is making sure she’s staying in front of it. The Los Angeles-based fashion designer has emerged as one of the most active celebrity voices trying to make sense of the Israeli occupation for social media. Alongside her influential family that includes half-siblings Bella, Gigi, and Anwar…


SZA Thinks About Wearing Hijab “All the Time”

If our aspiration is to see reflections of ourselves in the world around us that define us first by our humanity before our identities, then SZA is the embodiment of that dream. We know the Good Days singer through her emotionally raw and achingly open art that has become the captionable battle cry of Gen-Z….

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What the Biden Presidency Means for Muslim Women

On the first day President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris take office, the pair have said they want to end the controversial Muslim Ban that banned Muslims from a list of Muslim countries from entering the United States, a relief for Muslim Americans across the nation. But is our bar for progress really that low, especially…


The #MuslimGirlArmy Enters the Roaring Twenties

It’s not surprising to me that Muslim Girl’s tenth year of existence happens to land on one of the most pivotal election years of our generation. I count it as one of many serendipitous and unreplicable junctures in our journey that affirm why we exist at this moment. If we wanted to measure it by…


The Political Curse of Ralph Northam and Entitled White Men

Another day, another trending hashtag of a white male public figure with a resurfaced past as shitty as his combover. In the controversy surrounding Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, we are conveniently reminded that white men in the Democratic Party are not immune to the privileges of casual racism. It’s been a whole day since an…


Hijab Policing Is Sexual Harassment, Period.

If you’re tapped into Muslim social media, you may have noticed a new trend spreading across some accounts: removing the headscarf. A recent wave of highly visible hijabi influencers have been taking off the scarf, provoking shock amongst their followers and Muslim social media users alike. Just as prevalent has been the sweeping condemnation that…


The Public Hijabi Syndrome

True or False: it’s possible to be critical and engaged in issues surrounding Muslim women’s representation without tearing down Muslim women. While this should be an obvious truth, the experience of an increasing number of Muslim women in the public eye reveals a contrary sentiment within the Muslim community-at-large. Especially for those visible Muslim women…


Wearing Nail Polish During Wudu and While Praying

Many muslims believe that nail polish creates a barrier against wudu, or ablution water, and thus invalidates prayer. Oftentimes I deal with people leaving comments on my social media asking about (or straight up judging) my claw situation. I’m a woman who loves doing my nails and always have. I mean, we even launched a groundbreaking…


Dear Gal Gadot: #TimesUp for Invisible Girls, Too

Dear Gal, When I was 16 years old, my main concern in life was figuring out how to get a class with my high school crush. My afterschool occupation involved locking myself in my computer room to design my perfect MySpace profile and rearrange my Top 8. I’d spend hours chatting on AOL Instant Messenger…


Introducing the Aura Shield Collection

MG is excited to announce THE AURA SHIELD COLLECTION, our debut line of hats for the individual that needs a little extra guard against bad vibes. Scroll to the bottom for a Black Friday exclusive.     The collection is made up of black caps that rock different sayings that resonate with our #MuslimGirlArmy, including…