(L-R): Founé is putting on a technical silk dress worn throughout BALENCIAGA. Hawa is putting on all clothes worn throughout SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO. (Dazed/Solène Gün)

Muslim Women Fight France’s Secular Dress Code in Dazed Digital Magazine Winter Edition

Muslim women and girls in France are still subjected to secular dress code in school and sports events. Here’s how they’ve decided to fight back, as depicted in Dazed Digital Magazine’s 2023 winter edition!

For every migrant family in the U.S.
Michael Peña as “José Hernández” in the drama, A MILLION MILES AWAY, an Amazon Studios release. Photo courtesy of Daniel Daza/Prime.

‘A Million Miles Away’: Amazon Studios’ Iconic Biopic of NASA’s Hispanic Farmworker Turned Astronaut

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month this year, Amazon Studios premiers its stellar movie A Million Miles Away. Based on the remarkable story of NASA’s flight engineer José Hernández, Amazon Studios depicts what it means to be a child of migrants in the U.S. Being proud of his Hispanic background, Hernández sheds light on how…

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 13: <> on September 13, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Muslim Girl and Getty Images Take On New York Fashion Week

With all the signature chaos of New York Fashion Week, it’s time we check the progress of one of its most critical factors of the past decade: inclusivity. To close out SS24 of New York’s biggest month in fashion, Muslim Girl and Getty Images brought their historic partnership to the forefront by hosting an in-depth…

Allow her to reintroduce herself.

Halima Aden Makes Her Comeback

When Halima Aden arrived to the Muslim Girl Iftar in New York City during Ramadan, she did so in true Muslim Girl style: a head-to-toe hot pink pantsuit with matching sky-high heels, flawless hijab framing those famous dimples, and her best friend by her side. When I was looking for her moments earlier after a…


How Much is the Royals’ Stolen Lahore Necklace Worth?

It’s no secret that the media has been mesmerized by the jewelry the Royals wore to the Coronation, especially the necklace worn by Queen Camilla. But, the necklace went viral on social media for reasons that the Royals might not want to get all the attention. The sparkling jewel chosen by Queen Camilla is known…

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5 Black Muslim Beauty Influencers With the *Ultimate* Skincare Tips

Have you been struggling to get your skincare routine down? We’ve compiled a list of Black Muslim beauty influencers who share their skincare routine to create space for diverse skin tones, textures, and representation. So, whether you’re dealing with skin issues or looking for the perfect list of products for your nighttime skincare routine, start…

Featured: Grace Song and Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

Interview: Grace Song Talks About Islam and the Usuli Institute

On Building a Society of Light What is the hallmark of a great civilization? Is it the amount of land they own or the number of people that society has? Is it the things they create and share, or is it a society of light where everyone is united by common goals, values, and respect…


Are You Ready for ‘A Love Match’ With Priyanka Taslim

Love matches have existed for centuries. Cultures from all over the world have resorted to fixing single people together to find the best match possible. Often times these matches are associated with prestige, class, and riches. There may have even been a point in our lives when we may or may not have been offered…


Love Is Blind Star Deepti Vempati Is Pouring Love Into Herself

Muslim Girl sat down with Deepti Vempati from Netflix’s hit reality dating show Love Is Blind, to chat about her new book, internalized misogyny in South Asian communities, the male ego, and more. *This discussion has been edited for conciseness and clarity. Vempati is ready to tell her side of the story as her book, I Choose…


Michelle Obama Launches the ‘Get Her There’ Campaign

Michelle Obama recently launched her new “Get Her There” Campaign in N.Y.C and Muslim Girl had the great honor of attending the event. The campaign will work to advance gender equality, aiming to improve girls’ access to education all over the world and end child marriage. It is a collaboration between three organizations: The Obama…

It’s all about authenticity.

Mo Amer Talks Muslim Taboos on His New Netflix Show

Stand-up comedian Mo Amer recently debuted his new and instantly-trending Netflix show, Mo. Set in Alief, Houston, the show is heavily inspired by Amer’s background as a Palestinian refugee finding home in his diverse Texan hometown. Mo touches on themes of family responsibility, the refugee legal process in America, and the displacement that often features…