Russell Simmons Talks to MG About Islamophobia, Muslim Women’s Day and the Media

In the spirit of our first-ever Muslim Women’s Day, I had the opportunity to have a conversation about Islamophobia and media misrepresentation with music mogul, entrepreneur, author, activist, and philanthropist Russell Simmons. Uncle Rush is the chairman of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, a partner on our #MuslimWomensDay campaign and the organization behind Muslims Are Speaking Out….

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Get Ready for Muslim Women’s Day on March 27!

For the first time ever this Women’s History Month, MuslimGirl.com is teaming up with dozens of media and web partners to designate March 27 as Muslim Women’s Day! This day is all about centering Muslim women’s stories and voices. We call upon our allies to pass the mic to Muslim women by elevating their narratives online for the…

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Photo by Jenna Masoud for MuslimGirl.com

Muslim Girl Teamed Up With Getty Images to Change the Way You See Muslim Women

OMG, finally! You know how the only stock images we ever see of Muslim women online, in blogs, and in advertisements are the same stereotypical depiction? They are usually hidden behind veils, wearing black clothes, not really doing much besides being… stereotypically Muslim. The images we’re used to seeing of Muslim women elicit a negative feeling…


I’m a Muslim Woman, and I’d Like to Report a Terrorist

Muslim Americans became the topic of discussion during the second Presidential debate last night, when the elections reaffirmed that our country only sees value in us as superhuman thwarters of terrorism; as Muslims who report stuff, because obviously we have exclusive access to magical information that could be of use to the global War on…

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The Muslim Girl Book Cover Has Been Revealed!

Last week I was super excited to share the book trailer for my new upcoming book, MUSLIM GIRL, with you all! Now, it brings me great joy to reveal the cover and share with you why this book is so personal to me. ? Along the journey of writing this book, it has truly become…


Microsoft’s Ghada Khalifa Says Women in Tech Are the Answer

The Pan-Arab Semifinals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup this year was bustling with youth that represented the brightest tech minds in the region. Amid all the excitement, one beautiful factor stood out at the competition’s backdrop of the American University of Cairo: a large portion of those youth were women. Two young women from Oman sacrificed…

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#SquadGoals: We Teamed up With Teen Vogue to Answer Your Questions

Muslim Girl teamed up with Teen Vogue to bring you #AskAMuslimGirl, a video series delivering the voices of our squad of millennial Muslim women on the topics that young Americans want to hear about. Especially with the current election cycle, there is a media mayhem surrounding Islam and Muslims, and a lot of inaccuracies and…

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Say Salam to the New Muslim Girl

After almost seven years of growing with MuslimGirl.net, it seems that MG has now hit her own moment of puberty by springing from .net to .com. Thanks to you and your freaking revolutionary support, we’re growing in a lot of exciting new ways. You can now access all our muslimgirl.net content directly on the new and…


Meet the Guy Trying to Bring a Muslim Show to Netflix

Ahmad Hussam, 24, and his partner Nick Armero, 25, have made it their mission to bring Islamic history into the spotlight. They are the co-founders of Peace House, a production studio based in Tampa, FL that has been churning out powerful documentaries and viral social media video content highlighting important stories in an entertaining way for…