Does This Show About Muslim Americans Count as Representation?

Ever wonder what it would be like to watch a reality show featuring Muslim Americans? Well, Hulu has taken on the endeavor! Secrets and Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs is a reality show on Hulu that follows ten Muslim American sisters as they navigate the intersections of their lives when it comes to faith, love, career, and,…


3 Steps to Ditching Imposter Syndrome

“I think they’re really overestimating my capabilities. Sooner or later they’ll realize I’m not that perfect,” said every single one of us at some point. And before we know it, we’re totally stuck in our thoughts until we’re entirely depleted. But what if it’s not the truth? What if it’s just imposter syndrome? Feeling like…

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10 of History’s Most Important Muslim Women

March 1st kicks off Women’s History Month! Women’s History Month started in 1995 to highlight women’s contributions to society and various historical events. Muslim Women’s Day, which happens every year on 3/27 since 2017, is a special part of Women’s History Month. Muslim women have made amazing contributions to their communities long before we were…

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Watch: Living Your Single Years Well

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, do you feel you belong with lonely Muslims? Do you scroll through your social media, wishing you could celebrate a halal partner? Or wishing that you would at least be living your single years well? Whatever you’re feeling today, know that it’s totally valid. And we hope that you don’t confuse…

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Watch: Living in America as a Black Muslim Woman

Being Black and Muslim is tough; it just feels as if you’re always out of the equation. That’s why Black History Month is not only a reminder for us that we should do better for our Black Muslim brothers and sisters, but also an acknowledgment of their Black excellence. The bias against Black skin and…

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10 Qualities To Look For in Your Future Spouse

Love at first sight? Pause for a second. When catching feelings, make sure you don’t rush so that you get to know if that person has the qualities that would make them a good future spouse for you or not. Here are the top 10 qualities you should look for in your future spouse. Dating…

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Here’s What’s Wrong With Saying “Muslim Men Are Trash”

The phrase “Men are trash” is everywhere, and Muslim men are subjected to it, too. It’s been uttered by that friend of yours who just got dumped by her ex-favorite person, or even an uneducated non-Muslim that just decided to buy into this narrative. When it comes to the idea of saying that “Muslim men…

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Halal Dating: What Does It Even Mean?

Have you been wondering how halal dating works? We’re always torn between wanting to stay halal and not wanting to get married to a total stranger. And if you’ve been raised by strict parents, then chances are going on dates was taboo for you. If anything, you might’ve heard about “halal dating,” but many of…

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Hijab Cleaning 101: 3 Ways to Clean Any Type of Hijab

Who didn’t blame hijab cleaning for damaging their favorite hijab? Worse yet, who among us hasn’t tried spot cleaning their hijab before going out, only to end up wetting the entire fabric? We’ve been so focused on how we can take care of our hair as hijabis that we almost forgot that we need to…

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Cultural Humility: Why We Should End Cultural Competence in the West

In western societies, instead of tapping into practicing cultural humility, the mainstream makes negative assumptions about, and even criminalize, Muslim women who wear burkas and veils. The catch is that with the prevailing norm is that people don’t try to take cultural differences as opportunities for them to learn and grow. Instead, they start to…

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Watch: Female Genital Mutilation Violates the Autonomy of Girls and Women

Female Genital Mutilation, also known as FGM, is a violation of girls’ and women’s human rights, as it takes away their rights to their own bodies. In fact, at least “200 million girls and women have been cut in 30 countries,” according to UNICEF. Watch this talk given by Khadija Gbla, an award-winning human rights…

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How To Manifest Anything With Duaa

As we reflect these days on our progress and manifest our dreams for this upcoming year, we need to remember that Islam taught us how to manifest anything with duaa. The law of attraction is mostly associated with Buddhism and other religions. That said, we do have the law of attraction in Islam – which…

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Muslim Girl Clothing Hacks: 5 Must-Know DIY Tricks

As a Muslim lady, you know exactly how it feels like not to be able to find the perfect modest wear for your shape, wishing there’d be any Muslim girl clothing hacks to make your life easier! If this sounds like you, watch this video as you’re going to discover 5 Muslim girl clothing hacks…

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Three Generations of New York Muslim Women Activists on 9/11

We spoke with three generations of New York Muslim women activists for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the upcoming fifth anniversary of the award-winning memoir ‘Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age.’ This is an excerpt from the forthcoming film Generation 9/11. Guests: Aisha Al-Adawiya, community organizer and founder of Women In Islam Inc.; Linda…