Relaxing Quran Recitation
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Start Your Week by Listening to This Relaxing Lo-FI Themed Quran Recitation

Weekdays can be draining; a lot of work needs to be done, a lot of unexpected tasks can come out of the blue, and life can become really unpredictable during these five busy days.

We start feeling like we’re running in circles, trying to achieve everything at once, when realistically we know that there’s only so much that we can achieve in a day. Things can become really stressful, and we end up feeling overwhelmed with all the tight deadlines that we have.

And if you’re coming into Monday fresh off a bad case of the Sunday scaries — because let’s be real, working five days a week for two days of freedom is nerve-wracking — then listening to this relaxing recitation is the perfect start to your Monday morning.

For some people, relaxing means reading a good book or going all in on a skincare routine. But for others, it can mean listening to some soothing lo-fi tunes and journaling while sipping a hot drink. Some people like to listen to their favorite Quran surahs instead of music, which is amazing.

So when we came across this relaxing lo-fi themed Quran recitation, we knew we had to share it as the perfect way to kickstart your week. Play this relaxing Quran recitation in the background today as you’re doing your favorite activity — or as you’re getting started with your work week. (Lofi music is shown to help improve your ability to focus.) Either way, it’s guaranteed to bring some much-needed calming vibes.

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