10 Muslim Projects to Give Zakat and Sadaqah to

Ramadan is the month of fasting, worshiping, and giving sadaqah and zakat. One of the pillars of Islam, Muslims are obligated to give zakat during Ramadan. Every year, our community comes together to donate to Muslim projects and organizations that support underprivileged Muslims within the United States or across the world. And as our community…

Photo Courtesy of Tahani Amer

Muslim Women of NASA: Tahani Amer on Taking the Lead

Growing up in the suburbs of Cairo and watching her father fix his car’s engine, little Tahani Amer discovered her unwavering passion for engineering. Getting married at the age of 17 and still chasing her dreams with all the growing responsibility — even passing her first advanced calculus class with an “A” without being acquainted…

Photo courtesy of Dina Ayman

Meet Dina Ayman: She’s Making Moves For Women In Tech

We all aspire to live and work in a gender-neutral world, where discrimination, racism, biases, and inequity are obsolete. Women’s underrepresentation in the tech community has been a recurring subject of controversy and is a concerning reality. I had the honor and pleasure to chat with Dina Ayman, a major figure in the tech community….

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14 Resources and Ways to Help Palestine

As the world witnesses the ethnic cleansing and apartheid of Palestinians in Palestine, many people are receiving their information from the news they watch on television, or possibly their spiritual leaders at their house of worship (depending on what faith they practice). Unlike some governments we are witnessing around us, Muslim Girl supports human rights…

Photo: Twitter @AmiraUnplugged

Producers of American Idol Decided Not to Air a Muslim Woman in Hijab Getting the Golden Ticket

Amira Daughterty, a 23-year-old singer from Georgia was the first Muslim hijabi contestant on American idol to get a golden ticket, moving her forward in the singing competition. The singer shared her experience on a viral TikTok explaining that she received three “yeses” from Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, but the production team…


Did You Catch Our Muslim Women’s Day Panel on Women In Politics?

In honor of Muslim Women’s Day on March 27th, 2021, Gabriela Cristobal, Linda Sarsour, Grace Lee, and Bushra Amiwala met on a virtual summit to discuss leadership, intersectional feminism, storytelling, activism, and organizing, in a segment called, “How To Make Sure, ‘And She Could Be Next.’” Gabriela Cristobal, Program Manager at the United States of…