Everyone Has A Jinn Story To Tell, But Are They True?

The dialogues around the existence of jinn within Islam are significant to address and research because these entities give us several lessons to analyze and reflect upon in our life. We are often introduced to the jinn through scary stories of encounters in a dark room with friends. We try to see if they exist…

Copyright: Michel Cojan

Can Christian Women Wear the Hijab?

In 1994, Nazma Khan, with several members of her family, made the grueling and life-changing journey of leaving their lives behind in Bangladesh in hopes of starting a new life in America. Khan recalls her father’s hard work, who used to sell newspapers on the street to find a living space that would accommodate up…


We Are Living for These 6 Modest Runway Collections at NYFW

Hijabs, brightly colored modest dresses, sustainable efforts, and inclusivity — this was the scene at this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) as rising Indonesian Muslim designers took the runway by storm with their powerful and elegant modest wear. While the widely anticipated, biannual shows of fashion week are an astounding opportunity for models and…