Muslim Women’s Day Aligns With United Nations for 2023

We’re celebrating the seventh annual Muslim Women’s Day global campaign on March 27, 2023. Launched in response to the Muslim Ban, this initiative has expanded year after year, not only in allyship and reach, but also in impact across sectors to elevate Muslim women’s representation. Our 2023 campaign is gearing up to be more inspiring and exciting than ever before because of the commitment of the best partners and supporters in the industry.

Muslim Women’s Day is designed to reimagine opportunities for Muslim women to be seen and heard in all spaces from which we no longer accept being excluded. From uplifting original content telling our own stories to activations and collaborations with game-changing entities to ensure our visibility, you help us celebrate women that deserve to lead the conversations impacting our lives.

Muslim Women’s Day has been reshaping the landscape for Muslim women’s storytelling and inclusivity and we couldn’t be prouder of this year’s theme.

The Theme

The Digitization of Women and Girls” 

For the first time in the campaign’s history, Muslim Women’s Day is aligning with the United Nations through the adoption of the International Women’s Day theme of “the digitization of women and girls.” As digital technology becomes an integral part of our lives, we continue to witness a disparity that impacts underrepresented communities, especially Muslim women around the world. The benefits of digitization are not equally distributed across all segments of society, and women and girls are often left behind. 

We want to change the conversation around digital technology to make sure that women and girls are included. It’s important for us to ensure that women from all over the world can fully participate in the digital world. The theme touches upon a range of topics related to the digitization of women and girls. Some of them include: 

  1. Improving digital literacy: Many women in marginalized communities do not have access or the proper tools to digital products and services that hinders their professional and personal development. 
  2. Representation of Women in the Digital World: There’s a lack of diversity in the digital space which puts the world at a disadvantage. If women are represented in the digital world, they can drive social and economic change. 
  3. Digitization and Employment: The digital economy can offer ample career and entrepreneurial opportunities for women globally. The problem is accessibility. How do we make new opportunities for women accessible in the digital world?

What is #MuslimWomensDay?

Launched in response to the Muslim Ban in 2017, the #MuslimWomensDay global campaign has grown to become the biggest media day of the year to empower Muslim women’s voices and stories, organized by Muslim Girl along with our high-level partners including Meta, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Spotify and dozens of top brands in the digital media space.

Our partners

We’ve teamed up with high level media partners to bring you an inspiring line up of content centering Muslim women’s voices throughout the day.  Our partners include: Allure, Bumble, Bustle, Byrdie, Elle, Facebook, Forbes, The Female Quotient, Girls Who Code, GQ Middle East, HerCampus, Hypebae, Institute of Social Policy & Understanding, Kode With Klossy, Malala Fund, MTV, Oxfam, Project Everyone, Refinery29, Snapchat, Spotify, StoryCorps, Teen Vogue, and TikTok, and many more.

Schedule of Events 

To Be Announced!

Ways to Get involved

We know you already honor the beautiful Muslim women in your life daily, but isn’t it nice to have that one special day to shout it to the world as well? Take advantage of a day created just for us and mark your calendars now! 

Sign up to receive text messages from Muslim Girl at 917-540-8278. Most importantly, use the hashtag #MuslimWomensDay on social media and follow along with @muslimgirl on Instagram and Twitter