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Muslim Women's Day 2022

12 Inspiring Stories From #MuslimWomensDay 2022

Our favorite time of year is when we get to join forces with our partners and allies to uplift Muslim women’s stories during Women’s History Month. Since the first Muslim Women’s Day in 2017, Muslim Girl has been teaming up with the most visible digital brands and organizations to provide the Internet with real content from Muslim women’s experiences. Our 2022 theme of “Securing Our Space” opened up the conversation to new spaces where we exist beyond the limitations of our newsfeeds.

Still fresh from all the feels on Muslim Women’s Day, we’ve rounded up these 12 must-read stories that will inspire you, move you, and make you feel proud to take up space.


#MuslimWomensDay Media Highlights
Allure / 17 Amazing Muslim Beauty Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram

In honor of Muslim Women’s Day 2022, Allure celebrates 17 Muslim beauty influencers who empower Muslim women and girls to embrace their authenticity — whether or not they choose to wear hijab.

From heavy glam smokey eyes to natural makeup, Allure has absolutely got you covered in this article.


#MuslimWomensDay Media Highlights
Bustle / Everything To Know About Muslim Women’s Day 2022

Are you looking for a rapid guide on Muslim Women’s Day? If you want a comprehensive yet concise what’s-what of the campaign — from how it started to how far it’s gone — look no further.

In its updated version, Bustle cuts out all the fluff to give you the key details you should know about Muslim Women’s Day. Bustle’s guide is pretty epic if we do say so ourselves!

Bustle / 15 Books By Muslim Women Writers To Add To Your TBR

Not only is writing a work of art but also a means of expressing authenticity, intersectionality, and shared reality — a fact that Bustle emphasizes.

In its listicle, Bustle provides you with a list of 15 Muslim women writers who dismantle negative stereotypes and shatter the Islamophobic narratives that many people believe.


#MuslimWomensDay Media Highlights
Byrdie / 4 Black Muslim Women on Fashion, Faith, and Taking Up Space

When we talk about representation, we mean Muslim women from all backgrounds — and that’s why we love this Byrdie piece.

In the spirit of Muslim Women’s Day 2022, Byrdie makes space for four Black Muslim women to speak on their experiences of what fashion means to them, the ways prejudice can create hurdles, and how they strive to thrive.

#MuslimWomensDay Media Highlights
Byrdie / 5 Muslim Women Share the Beauty Products Getting Them Through Ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, Muslim women start to get preoccupied with all the preparation for the holy month — so much so, they forget to take care of their skin.

In its second highlight, Byrdie hosts an amazing conversation featuring five Muslim women that share their skincare and beauty routines so that you enter Ramadan without all the guesswork on how to take care of your skin.


Elle / How All My Rage Author Sabaa Tahir Fights Burnout By Refilling Her ‘Creative Well’

For Muslim Women’s Day 2022, Elle pulls off the art of perfect timing with its stunning piece on Sabaa Tahir, the first Pakistani-American fantasist to have a New York Times bestselling fantasy series.

I mean, can you even name a better time to celebrate such a brilliant Muslim woman making space in publishing? Elle got us hooked with this subject that’s clearly not talked about enough.

Her Campus

#MuslimWomensDay 2022 Inspiring Stories
Her campus / Muslim Women’s Day 2022 Is About Claiming Your Space

In anticipation of Muslim Women’s Day, Her Campus has done incredible research on the global campaign to offer everyone must-know context about this year’s campaign theme.

In this stellar piece, Her Campus gives us the go-to article for Gen-Z looking for ways to tap into the conversation, and we’re so here for it!


#MuslimWomensDay 2022 Inspiring Stories
HypeBae / Hijabi Women Around the World Discuss What Beauty Means to Them

If you’re looking for something that will get you raving, HypeBae is here to serve all the vibes, of course.

In honor of Muslim Women’s Day, HypeBae focused on creating all the hype for “hijabaes” by featuring three incredible influencers from different backgrounds to share how makeup became a means of storytelling for them.

GQ Middle East

#MuslimWomensDay 2022 Inspiring Stories
GQ Middle East / Abir: “My Music Has to Represent Everything That I am”

When we think of Muslim Women’s Day as a moment to celebrate authentic creativity, we can’t help but have Inferno singer Abir come to mind. It came as no surprise to us that GQ Middle East understood the assignment when it was preparing for Muslim Women’s Day 2022.

With this exclusive feature, GQ Middle East shows the world what it is like to be an Arab Muslim woman in pop culture.

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU)

#MuslimWomensDay 2022 Inspiring Stories
ISPU / Findings on American Muslim women from the US Mosque Survey 2020

One of the best parts of Muslim Women’s Day is working with credible research institutions to set the record straight — literally.

With its real-talk approach, ISPU doesn’t spare any figures or facts inside its article for Muslim Women’s Day 2022 while tackling the public role that American Muslim women play within our faith-based community.


Refinery29 / On Ramadan – Confessions Of A Casual Muslim

For Muslim Women’s Day 2022, Refinery29 made space to represent struggling Muslims — by making a statement that they’re not alone and their feelings of challenge and difficulty during the holiest month are valid.

With its impeccable piece, Refinery29 taps into a vulnerable discussion about staying consistent with practicing Islam outside of Ramadan that so many Muslims struggle with but find difficult to talk about.

Teen Vogue

#MuslimWomensDay 2022 Inspiring Stories
Teen Vogue / Myths About Muslim Women Debunked

While the world eagerly anticipates the start of Ramadan, Teen Vogue isn’t waiting around. With a head start on the myths and misconceptions that Muslim women face when this time of year comes around, the magazine brings on one of the most-needed conversations in the mainstream media.

Our executive editor Azmia Ricchuito writes for Teen Vogue on debunking six of the most common myths about Muslim women and Islam.

The Impact of Our Partners’ #MuslimWomensDay Stories

Muslim Women’s Day is a day to pass the mic to Muslim women that have been denied adequate representation and inclusion in the media for our generation. Through forging partnerships with industry leaders and change-makers, we are proud to flip the script for so many Muslim women and girls.

As we look back at the growing support for Muslim Women’s Day throughout the past six years, we feel humbled to have such incredible allies by our side, making an immeasurable impact to help us bring about the change we need.

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