10 Tweets About #MuslimWomensDay You Should Read

This past Saturday was Muslim Women’s Day — our fifth annual one! We rounded up some of our favorite tweets about Muslim Women’s Day. Check them out below.

@halima_begum reminds us why Muslim Women’s Day is so important

@a_leesha reminds Muslim women to step into their power and continue speaking up about issues that matter

@_shireenahmed_ sounds of on what Muslim women really want

@cutebutweird85 amplified a reminder with a graphic advising what people can do if they witness Islamophobic harassment

This artwork from @episodeofdee made our day….so cute!

@prettylegend highlighted five Black British Muslim women we should all know

@aizensgf tweeted an important call to action. It’s not too late to CashApp or PayPal a Muslim woman in honor of Muslim Women’s Day!

@RAlakraa showed love to the Muslim women who provide healthcare to their communities and keep the NHS running smoothly

@silverpendruid reminded everyone that their faith is valid

@shadimhussain shouts out the Muslim women making a difference in the community

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