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Must Watch: Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Impassioned Plea for U.S. to Recognize “Palestinian Humanity”

Last Thursday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) gave an impassioned speech denouncing the “apartheid government” in Israel and their continued “erasure of Palestinian life.” She called out the Biden administration for continuing to funnel millions of dollars of military aid to Netanyahu’s extremist, right-wing government. “How many Palestinians have to die for their lives to matter?”…


5 Suhoor Superfoods To Nourish Your Body

Every Ramadan, I start off making these big breakfasts and imagine that I’m going to keep this going throughout the entire month. Zeit and za’atar, lebneh, hummus, eggs, olives, baba ghanouj, and maybe some nabulsi cheese — basically, everything. It’s the most, right?! Although my kid finds this exciting, a few days into it and…

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9 Female Qur’an Reciters Who Uplift Us

With Ramadan fast approaching, many of us are seeking to deepen our connection with the Qur’an. We want it to remove our sorrows, to lighten our hearts, to heal our worries, and to strengthen our bond with The Most-Merciful, the Most-Loving, The Creator of all that is seen and unseen. These female reciters offer inspiration…


How Halima Aden’s Hijab Story Inspired My Own Hijab Journey

After two years abroad, I returned with hopes of ease. Day dreams produced glimmers of comfortable conversations lacking in cultural complexities. Like a lifelong friend, I embraced my home again, longing to avoid sideways glances, puzzled looks, and the flagrant whispers which effortlessly follow foreigners as they stumble through life’s daily song and dance. With…


Poem: “I Can’t Breathe”

“I can’t breathe.” Chained and pinned under a man’s weight. “I can’t breathe.” The pressure like a boulder- suffocating hate filled violent murder “I can’t breathe.” His words we hear their truth yet not all hearts are moved “I can’t breathe.” His soul has left us and taken with it humanity’s “I can’t breathe.” “I…


Meet Pakistan’s Star Figure Skater

At just five years old, Mallak Faisal Zafar began training as a figure skater in Pakistan. A lack of adequate facilities eventually led her family to Dubai, where she currently resides. Now at 12-years-old, Zafar has her first international title. Last year, at the 24th International Eiscup Innsbruck 2019 (Nov. 22-24), she placed first in…


POEM: The Fabric That Defines Me

This poem is an ode to the headscarf, a fabric that has been heavily policed and debated, yet represents autonomy for many Muslim women. Who am I to you? Terrorist. Oppressed. Confined. Restricted. Hidden. Imprisoned. Controlled. The fabric which envelopes me, a welcome friend, a haven. Unnerves and offends. This barrier restricts myself to you….