Poem: Nora

Author’s note: This poem is a reflection on the significance of daughters in Islam, and how children are signs of divine love. The poem is named for my own daughter, and is one reason why we named her “Nora.” Her name was chosen as an indicator of Allah’s blessings being showered upon us like a…


5 Beautiful Lessons From Surah Maryam

The nineteenth surah, or chapter, of the Qur’an can provide immense strength and hope to those experiencing hardships, trials of faith, or disappointments. Surah Maryam is filled with wisdom for Muslims seeking to strengthen their relationship with Allah. The following are five takeaways from this inspiring chapter to illuminate your spiritual journey toward connection and understanding. 1….


Raleigh’s Mayoral Candidate, Zainab Baloch, Talks Community, Faith and Politics

At 28, Zainab Baloch is the youngest candidate running for mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina. The area, known colloquially as the Triangle, has made national headlines in recent years from “Our Three Winners” to President Trump’s condemnation of Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill’s Middle Eastern studies’ programs. Baloch has witnessed how Islamophobic, racist and xenophobic…


This Is Why I Removed My Hijab

The sun kissed my bare arms. My pale skin burned red, dripping pools of sweat. A forgotten sensation triggered internal conflicts: discomfort and relief; shame and freedom. My new beginning, birthed in pain and spiritual turmoil, reduced to the superficial. A constant friend’s comfortable embrace unraveled the strings from their stitch. Holes loosened bonds to…


10 Ways to Obtain Taqwa This Ramadan

The most holy month in the Islamic calendar year is upon us. Ramadan is a time for spiritual renewal. Through fasting, Muslims draw closer to their Creator, becoming mindful of life’s many blessings, mercies, and challenges. Ramadan is a time to become more God-conscious in your everyday life. Increasing taqwa, God-consciousness or God-fearing piety, is…


Sisters, Do You Know Your Financial Rights?

“I’m just on a green card. I have no rights.” A woman laments her fate to two unsuspecting Arabic store employees. The customers wanted the imam-boast of a white American woman’s journey to Islam. A few alhamdullillahs and mashaAllahs to celebrate the tale. Instead, an uncomfortable silence permeated the room, leaving the two men in…


5 Ways to Beat the Post-Shahada Blues

For nearly eight years, I’ve navigated the murky waters of my chosen spiritual path. Both the outer and inner manifestations of faith can prove challenging for convert brothers and sisters. Over the years, my imaan has risen and fallen, but like the tide, I always return to my Rabb. During my trials, I’ve found solace…


How Hard Did Age Hit You?

We live in a youth-obsessed culture. Advertisers bombard us with products claiming to hold the key to eternal youth–buy this and you will look and feel younger. As if our value slowly diminishes with age. Society plants the seed that these are the best years of our lives. Websites provide endless lists of things we…


Here’s Why Airbnb Removing Its Listings from the West Bank Isn’t “Jew Hatred”

Recently, Airbnb announced its removal of listings of properties in Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Although the site lists Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza) as separate from Israel, some properties in Efrat, Ma’ale Rehavam and Tekou are listed in Israel itself. These properties are beyond the “green line.” The 1949 Armistice Agreement between…


Ilhan Omar is Taking Down the (Hijab) Ban

Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar (D-MN), alongside House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Rules Committee Ranking Democrat Jim McGovern (Mass.) have co-authored a proposal which would lift a 181-year ban on wearing hats on the House floor. This obscure ban came about as a rejection of a custom present in British Parliament. It’s time to amend…