14 Stunning Pieces of Artwork to Honor #MuslimWomensDay

On March 27, 2020, we celebrated the 4th Annual Muslim Women’s Day. The theme of “Autonomy” lives in all of these 14 jaw-dropping pieces of art. These artworks will leave you feeling inspired, reflective, and proud of our Muslim sisterhood.

1. Muslim Women’s Alliance:

2. Teaching While Muslim:

3. She Should Run:

4. Reviving Sisterhood:

5. Teecaake:

6. Emine Aslan:

7. She the People:

8. Super Sisters:

9. Deeds Not Words:

10. Lallab:

11. Yana Najib:

12. Recipes for Self Love:

13. Khadija Waseem:


14. Girls First Finance:

Jessica Daqamsseh is a freelance writer, published poet and educator based in North Carolina.