Here’s Your Ultimate Gift-Guide From Muslim Women-Owned Businesses

It’s almost time for the big gift exchange of the year! There’s always much debate about participating in Christmas-like activities, and while some Muslims choose not to partake in the festivities typically associated with Christmas, it’s nice to have the option to give out some heartfelt gifts. Especially when you use it as a reason…


Modest Fashion and Ethics Are Taking Over in a Major Way

Last February saw London’s Victoria House, situations in Bloomsbury Square, present London Modest Fashion Week’s spectacularly successful second year. Hosted by Haute Elan, an Innovative Market Place platform, they housed the largest collection of British & international designers under one roof. Haute Elan is the creation of CEO and Founder, Romanna Bint Abubaker, a champion…


Here’s Why Ethical Modest Fashion is a Solid Investment

When trying to shop ethically in terms of fashion and beauty, what choices do we as expressive, stylish, Muslim women have? This year saw a wealth of Western publications such as Vogue, celebrities like Emma Watson and Will.i.am, advertising campaigns by H&M and Lush, all promoting ethical buying. Anything from our choice of T-Shirt, to…

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What is Halal Beauty?

“What is halal beauty” I hear you ask, and why do we need it? The word “halal” doesn’t only apply to food and drink, but runs through every avenue of a Muslim’s life. Halal means that which is permissible under Islamic law, and when it comes to beauty products, there is no exception. Muslim women…


Here’s What Muslim Women Really Want in Modest Swimwear

Ah, the burkini. We are all very familiar with this word by now. The burkini has become a recognized symbol of modest swimwear associated with Muslim women.  Several towns in France banned them. Burkinis have become more available over the years, but we are now demanding more from our swimming attire — and rightfully so….


Does H&M’s Modest Fashion Line Hit the Mark?

Earlier in May, H&M became the latest brand to try its hand at appealing to Muslim women with its launch of a modest fashion line – but their attempt misses the mark, and shows the company failed to grasp what Muslim women really want. The H&M Ltd. collection is replete with sheer sleeves, transparent blouses and…


Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Beauty

I am about to tell you everything you need to know about the Fenty Beauty products. Though they were released only several weeks ago, they are still remarkably sold-out in most Sephora locations and this is why: Rihanna created a brand that holds true to its promise. Simple as that. Below I’ve reviewed three of…


Rihanna’s New Makeup Line, Fenty Beauty, Is Life!

Written by Muslim Girl Staff, Meriam Meraay. If you haven’t heard about Rihanna’s new makeup line “Fenty Beauty” then let me catch you up real quick. This collection has changed the makeup game with a wide range of 40 foundation shades and diverse models, including our favorite: Halima Aden. Rihanna says, “Fenty Beauty was created…

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Why This Is Our New Favorite Hijab Shop

I’ve been loving all of the new and emerging hijab and modest lines. I recently received a hijab from Hijab Loft in my Muslim Girl Care Package and loved it! I received the jersey hijab, and let me tell you,  it was super soft! Not only that, these hijabs are very affordable, starting at $12.95. Photo…


10 Stores for Your Summer Hijab Needs

It’s hot, ya’ll! Climate change is no joke (looking at you, 45). Unless you are in Antarctica, you are feeling the summer heat by now. While dressing modestly and wearing hijab is such a blessing, it can sure feel like a curse when temperatures soar over 80 degrees. Choosing light fabrics and wrapping your scarf loosely…

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Social Media Killed It With This #MuslimWomensDay Art

I can’t be the only one is who still thinking about the amazing #MuslimWomensDay that occurred on March 27. It was definitely an historical day to remember. What better way to keep those memories alive than to look back at some of the awesome graphics designed to appreciate Muslim women everywhere? Here are some favorites:…