Not Sure What to Wear On Eid? We Got You

Yes, it’s true. Eid is only a couple days away. You simultaneously feel rejuvenated and exhausted. Your Mom has invited half of the town over for Eid-Ul-Fitr. There will be family and guests to greet, and iced coffee to drink in the morning.  There is plenty of excitement, and yet you feel nervous. What are you…


5 Must Have Summer Fashion Trends

I know spring is just rolling in, but we’re already hype for summer afternoons, beach vibes, travel, and, most of all, that perfect summer wardrobe.  So, get ready for some therapeutic shopping in preparation! Stores are quickly stocking brand new summer patterns, styles and materials; pieces have their own style and flair, bright colors, radiant complements, and…

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Alexander Wang Is SO Into Modest Wear at NYFW

Alexander Wang has always captivated my interest. His sense of minimalism, unique craftsmanship and eye to detail are unmatched. He began his journey in fashion as an intern at Teen Vogue and eventually moved on to Vogue magazine. His interest in fashion is genuine and pure – and he built his career from the ground-up….


Here are the Fenty Looks We LOVE

‘If you didn’t catch our article reviewing the top products from Rihanna’s Fenty collection- or if you did, and it wasn’t enough to convince you on its uniqueness-then check out the looks below. These feature beautiful women of color killing the game with their individualized looks using select products from the brand. Whether it’s their foundation,…


Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Beauty

I am about to tell you everything you need to know about the Fenty Beauty products. Though they were released only several weeks ago, they are still remarkably sold-out in most Sephora locations and this is why: Rihanna created a brand that holds true to its promise. Simple as that. Below I’ve reviewed three of…


These are the #MeToo Tweets You Need to Read

Maybe you’ve scrolled past it on the way to work or while waiting for a friend. Maybe it keeps popping up on your newsfeeds or timelines and you’re not entirely sure what it means. Maybe you do know and wish you weren’t so familiar. It’s difficult. But it’s the reality of the world that we are…


HOT: Here Are Our Top 3 Handbag Trends for Fall

Fall is here! And while I scope the aisles of my favorite stores like Zara, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Saks Fifth Avenue for new sweaters and light jackets, I gravitate to one aspect of an outfit the most: the handbag. Whether your outfit is minimalistic or heavy on accessories, nothing can replace how the…