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4 Reasons To Invest in Affordable Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion has become more popular in recent years, as prices have dropped significantly. In the past, ethical clothing came with expensive price tags. However, now there are plenty of affordable and sustainable brands to choose from. This is great news for shoppers who simply do not have the budget to splurge on environmentally-friendly fashion.

Buying clothing from an affordable and ethical company can offer a wide range of benefits, including:

Reduced clothing waste

Did you know that the worldwide textiles industry produces 62 million tons of clothing waste in just one year? This makes the fashion industry one of the worst polluters globally, especially considering nearly 100% of materials can be recycled.

The main advantage of a budget-friendly ethical clothing brand is that they tackle the issue of waste within the fashion industry. This involves recycling materials during production, which reduces the number of wasted resources, which results in less pollution.

Lower carbon footprint

Textile waste has become a significant problem, especially since the rise of the fast fashion industry.  This sector produces and sells fashion quickly, which has led to many consumers buying trendy fashion that they may never wear.

Fast fashion companies also use non-renewable synthetic polymers to ensure clothing lasts longer. However, these polymers actually release gases that are three times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Ethical clothing companies, however, ensure that customers are purchasing low-cost and high-quality products that massively reduce fashion waste.

Low-cost fashion

Shopping can be a very expensive habit, especially if you buy from sustainable brands, as they tend to be fairly pricey. The main reason for the high expense is because ethical brands believe they cannot afford to lower their prices, as they have to account for good wages for their workers and the use of high-quality materials.

Choosing an affordable, ethical clothing brand means that you will get all the benefits of respected workers and high-quality materials without having to break the bank.  

Invest in Ethical Brands

When shopping, people tend to forget about the people behind the products. In the fashion industry, there are plenty of employees who work tirelessly to produce clothes on demand, which in the past has resulted in discrimination in the workplace.

The fast fashion industry is one of the worst culprits for misconduct, as reports have uncovered textile workers that are working without a visa and are underpaid and mistreated. There have also been cases of child labour abuse or hiring illegal workers who feel they have no rights and therefore cannot speak up about mistreatment.

Now you understand more about ethical fashion, you may want to start searching for a company that is more eco-conscious, affordable, and caring.  This also ensures that you are investing in a company that is completely ethical.

Heather Barrigan is a seasoned content writer and political correspondent from ImmiNews, who specializes in outreach, the creation of engaging and informative immigration-related content.