6 Inspiring Muslim Women Ruling the Fashion World on Instagram

When you’re looking for new fashion blogs to follow, it can be hard to find people who really inspire and engage you. Instagram has a lot to offer, but how do you sift through the noise and find the right blogs which fit with your view of the world? How do you pick out the gold without spending hours panning? It’s important to feel a connection with the people you go to for fashion tips, so here are a few ideas which might help you connect with some new role models on Instagram – and wow, they look amazing!

1) First On The List Is Leena Asad

One of the wonderful things about the internet is that it lets us follow people around the globe, regardless of where we are or where they are – but sometimes you want someone a little closer to home, someone you feel shares your part of the world and connects with you.

Leena Asad is based in Texas, and she’s wowing the fashion industry right now. With a signature look based on white or light-colored clothing, Asad has a lot to offer the more feminine followers. “She frequently accents her clothes and look with lace, ruffles, and floral additions, and is usually seen in neutral colors which lend her a calm, demure look. You don’t need to be dressed in crazy colors to make a statement – she’s managing it beautifully!” says Sedrick Blick, a lifestyle blogger at State of writing and Bestbritishessays

2) Secondly, We Have Ibtihaj Muhammad

Not much shouts “fashion success” more loudly than owning your own clothing brand. Based in Los Angeles, Muhammad’s brand Louella is modest and striking, and perfect for those seeking a toned-down look which still has all the style and beauty of red-carpet clothing. This woman is also an amazing fencing champion, so there’s definitely some strong-women vibes going on here. What more could you want for a fashion icon?

3) Third Up, Sobi Masood

Masood’s fashion includes her hijab, and she has explained how this helps her stay close to her religious roots. Clothing is an important thing for many people, and understanding how it links to a deeper connection with the sense of self is obviously something Masood is good at. Fashion should always be about making a statement and feeling comfortable with your image, and Masood clearly understands that. We hope she’s an inspiration to anyone who wants to wear symbols of their religion – it’s not always an easy choice in today’s world.

4) Fourth, Maria Alia

If you’re wanting to make a little bit more of a splash and a statement, you might be inspired by Alia, who hits a perfect blend of stylishness, without screaming “look at me!” Her Instagram includes tie-dye, vinyl, satin, and bright pops of color that are bound to appeal to more vivacious and outgoing followers. “She’s slightly edgy, but again not shrieking for attention with her clothing choices; they’re just the perfect blend of deliberately-chosen-but-not-over-the-top. Practical and stylish all in one, what more could you want from your Instagram feed?” says Kiarra Beer, says a fashion writer at Revieweal and Ukservicesreviews.

5) Fifth, Let’s Look At Sally Oma

Hints of vintage style creep in here. Oma hasn’t gone overboard with the retro look, that’s for sure, but the polka-dot maxi dresses are a sure sign of the ‘60s making a comeback. That’s a classic look, and she pulls it off amazingly well, pairing it with some incredible footwear. Who isn’t inspired by amazing shoes? Oma certainly makes the most of them! Anyone looking to pull off a vintage vibe without looking like they fell out of a time machine can benefit from following her blog and looking at her ideas.

6) Last But Not Least, Sara Sabry

A fashion blogger with some amazing bursts of personality shining through, Sabry offers her followers both style and entertainment. She posts videos to keep us laughing, and peppers her feed with individual twists on her looks. One thing you can be sure of – her posts will never be boring, and nor will her clothes!

No matter what look you’re into, you’ll find some incredible Muslim women who can offer you inspiration, ideas, and also confidence; they are showing the world who they are, loud and proud – and you can too. Rock your clothes and feel comfortable in your choices; you’ve got this!

Kristin Herman is a writer and editor at Essay Roo and Big Assignments. She is also a contributing writer for online magazine and blogs, such as Study demic. As a marketing writer, she blogs about the latest trends in digital and social media marketing.