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Here’s What Modest Wear Means to Muslim Influencers

Without a doubt, modest wear is everywhere on both social media and fashion runways, and is increasingly embraced in everyday life. Social media is one of the most effective tools for brands and influencers to share ideas on the web today, with new ideas being generated by influencers all over the world. 

We asked some of our favorite modest influencers about their thoughts on modest fashion, and why they embrace modesty in their lives.

In this article, we are sharing with you the stories of our favorite modest influencers and why they choose to wear modest fashion.

Ameera Hammouda of AMEERA

Ameera Hammouda of the modest clothing brand, “AMEERA”, shares her thoughts about modesty with us. To Ameera, modesty to her is “humble luxury.” Modesty is more than about clothing, as it is a lifestyle. 

Growing up, Ameera found it difficult to find stylish modest wear, She believed that women should not have to sacrifice their religious values for style. 

Modesty is everything in moderation.

With the help of generous donations from all around, Ameera finally created her namesake clothing line, “AMEERA”, which features stylish clothes with modest silhouettes. In return, a portion of the proceeds goes to different charities each month. 

As a woman-owned brand, Ameera aims to change and challenge the typical fashion beauty standards. Modesty is in the way you dress, but it means you tell more about yourself than by showing less.

By wearing modest clothing, this almost forces people to fall in love with your character than appearance.  

When it comes to modesty as a way of life, Ameera explained that modesty can’t happen without moderation and humility. “But I also think there is a love triangle between modesty, moderation, and humility,” she told us.

“To me, modesty also means being humble, and it means upholding moderation in all aspects of life. Modesty is everything in moderation.”

Modesty is not being wasteful of food, or materials, or time in our production, resources, and fabrics.

Fowzia Alsaeed 

Fowzia Alsaeed has been an influencer on Instagram for a couple of years now. Her sense of modest fashion is all about feeling comfortable yet modest, especially when it is the fall season in New England. 

With over 191,000 followers on Instagram, without a doubt, Fowzia is fabulous and has the best style.

To Fowzia, the most important thing is comfort when it comes to modest clothing. “I choose to wear modest clothing because it makes me feel comfortable,” Fowzia said.

You shouldn’t constrict yourself when it comes to your fashion just because of the weather. You should wear what you want in any season and feel good about how you look and yourself. 

Wearing modest clothing has a lot of versatility. Their versatility allows them to be worn for any occasion, from business professional to casual wear and even a night out.

Fowzia chooses to wear modest clothing because it is easy to put together, with no restrictions. 

“I want to showcase how you have can take certain outfits and wear them out, even in the cold weather, while looking cute,” Fowzia explained to us.

“You shouldn’t constrict yourself when it comes to your fashion just because of the weather. You should wear what you want in any season and feel good about how you look and yourself.” 

To Fowzia, modest clothing means wearing your own comfort, and every individual defines comfort differently. “My version is different from anyone else’s, it’s my identity.” 

Fowzia’s advice to others? “You should think of your fashion sense as to how you want people to view you, as you should feel confident in your own skin.” 

Some of Fowzia’s favorite pieces of clothing to wear are trench coats, black blazers, a simple white dress shirt, jeans, and handbags. Her favorite brands to shop from are Zara, Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Topshop, Jacquemus, H&M, and Balenciaga. 

You can follow her on Instagram @FowziaSaeed and Snapchat @FofoSaeed23

 Halima Hossinzehi 

Another favorite modest influencer we interviewed is Halima Hossinzehi, who has been an influencer for over a year now. With 11,000+ followers on her Instagram account, she showcases her thoughts, ideas, and modest fashion on her account @Mama.limaa. 

Halima wears modest clothing primarily because of her faith, she is Muslim. When Halima was 13 years old, she started to become involved in her closet in high school. One of her biggest inspirations was @dinatokio

At the time, Dina was really connected with the modest fashion community in the 2010s. Looking back, for Halima, it was difficult to find modest clothing that was fashionable yet modest. 

Today, however, she feels like there is more access to modest clothing.“I was still finding myself, but now I feel like there are so many accessible modest brands to choose from,” Halima told us. 

When it comes to Halima’s physical appearance, she considers it an intimate matter. By wearing modest clothing, it allows her to control the exposure in the eyes of the public. 

Modesty allows us to be distinguished by our character, intelligence, and integrity instead of our physical features.

Whenever in a public setting, modest clothing eliminates unnecessary distractions. With this in mind, Halima is able to express her values based on her personality, not her body, and without being constantly confronted by degrading nonverbal cues.  

Halima explains that in a professional setting such as a graduation, modest clothing allows people to progress in society. For example, graduation is a professional environment, and everyone is dressed in a black gown, along with other formal attire. They celebrate together through equality and modesty, preventing any graduate from feeling less than another. 

“[Modest clothing] allows society to focus on productivity, and judge others based on their character rather than their physicality,” Halima said to us.

Modest clothing allows us to progress in society without constantly feeling objectified, jealous, or even pressured to look like others. 

“We follow a certain way of dressing to minimize objectification within society, along with other prejudices,” she said. “Modesty allows us to be distinguished by our character, intelligence, and integrity instead of our physical features.” 

There are many pieces that Halima loves in her wardrobe, but she is currently obsessed with her black rugged jeans and @KOTN off-white high-waisted trousers. “What can I say? I love my basics.” 

One of Halima’s favorite brands to shop from is AMEERA. In the context of her wardrobe, Halima has become more conscious of sustainability. 

“I’m still on the hunt for sustainable fashion, but I’ve recently found @ameerahammouda_ to be a great modest women’s wear brand. I love their blue silk suit! Did you know that even their price tags can be planted into a flower?! So cool!” 

Make sure to follow Halima on Instagram, and watch her new YouTube video, and subscribe to her channel.

We hope you enjoyed this article. A special thank you to Halima and Fowzia for letting us interview them on their modest styles. Follow AMEERA on their social channels, and stay tuned for an upcoming holiday release.