Here’s Your Ultimate Gift-Guide From Muslim Women-Owned Businesses

It’s almost time for the big gift exchange of the year! There’s always much debate about participating in Christmas-like activities, and while some Muslims choose not to partake in the festivities typically associated with Christmas, it’s nice to have the option to give out some heartfelt gifts. Especially when you use it as a reason to support businesses owned by strong, Muslim women.

So without further ado, here’s a gift-guide highlighting some of the most amazing Muslim women-owned business around:


A stylish boutique straight from the creative mind of Ibtihaj Muhammad, Louella is the ultimate playground for some of the most stunning, modest fashion pieces you’ll ever lay eyes on! From unique, statement prints, to classic silhouettes, you can find anything you would ever need to turn the world into your personal runway.


The Mocktail Company.

It’s Friday night and the gang is getting together at your place. What can you set out for your guests to enjoy? A drink, of course! From The Mocktail Company, founder Shahin Hussain has all sorts of flavors that would quench anyone’s thirst, the halal way. Have a hard day at work? Kick back and enjoy a Strawberry Mockiri! 


Aneeqi Naturals.

What’s a really common gift to give to someone who wants to relax? A bath set! But take it one step further and purchase those bath goods from Aneeqi Naturals, a beauty and wellness boutique based in New Jersey. They offer all sorts of goodies, such as bath bars, skincare products, whipped body butters, lip balms, and handmade soaps! There’s definitely something for everyone.


Zakiyah Candles.

Candles. Need I say more? Who doesn’t like to go home and light up a delicious smelling candle and fill the air with a wonderful aroma? The candles from this company are all handmade, and 100% natural soy candles that come in all sorts of scents, like apple pumpkin (yum!) and soothing Sandalwood. The perfect gift for literally anyone.



Got that friend who absolutely loves to cook? Dazzle them with with bottles of hot sauce and chutneys from Basbaas, a successful Somalian company. The founder, Hawa Hassan, was a refugee that was separated from her family for more than a decade before reuniting with them in Sweden. Since then, a shared love of cooking and a strong bond came to form this amazing company that offers different flavors to culinary artists everywhere.


Le’Jamalik Salon.

A day of wellness and beauty. What an awesome gift for anyone looking to be pampered. But what about the friend who wears a hijab and is always escorted to the back of the salon in some stuffy corner? Look no further then Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! Le’Jamalik Salon, founded by Huda Quhsi, has all the accommodations for anyone who needs privacy for a haircut, wax, or even a henna tattoo. This is a safe space where Muslim women can feel super-comfortable, and get pampered without keeping an eye on the door to see who is going in and out. Its sleek, and well lit decor is enough to make anyone relax for the day!


Any of of these things, whether it’s a candle or a spa day, makes for such a special gift around the holidays. It also lends support to these amazing Muslim women, who worked hard and built successful companies. That itself is a major plus, and a great holiday present! Happy Holidays to all!

Edited by Manal Moazzam.