Watch: COVID Pandemic Presents Challenges For Muslim Burials

As the COVID pandemic rages on, something we likely don’t think about unless we’ve been forced to think about it due to the unfortunate experience of losing a loved one during this pandemic is how COVID contact protocols change our burial rites. With many cities, states, and municipalities creating guidelines that those that passed from…


Watch: 5 Tips to Set Goals for 2021

It’s that time of year again. You know what time I’m talking about. Millions of “diets” will be started tomorrow on January 4th. Numerous intentions will be set — goals, and resolutions. Because 2020 was an unpredictable and challenging year, it’s totally understandable if you didn’t hit your yearly goals. I’d wager that most people…

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Why Dua Is the Most Powerful Weapon

Are you feeling like you won’t ever be able to achieve your goals? Like getting into your dream university or graduating with a degree is becoming impossible at this point? Are you doubting yourself and your ability to start your own business or flourish in your chosen career? Then this is the solution for you….

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A Layer of Silence

Wednesdays were Mustafa Ahmed’s favorite days. Mostly because he only had to work for half the day. And his wife always made him a special lunch. But also because he got to see all his many nieces and nephews and play with their children. Mustafa was getting old, but he liked to believe he was…

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To My Father, From A Grateful Daughter

I had the privilege of leaving my father’s house twice. The first time he gave me away looked nothing less than simple. A small mosque, a family witness, and a wedding dress I bought on my own. His face was flushed. He didn’t look me in the eyes, and his heart hurt deeply. Many of…

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What is Halal Beauty?

“What is halal beauty” I hear you ask, and why do we need it? The word “halal” doesn’t only apply to food and drink, but runs through every avenue of a Muslim’s life. Halal means that which is permissible under Islamic law, and when it comes to beauty products, there is no exception. Muslim women…

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Till We Cover Launches #BornFromWarriors Campaign

Till We Cover embraces modesty through urban expression, and are passionate about social inclusion.  The campaign #bornfromwarriors is centered around inclusivity, and a generation standing together. A generation who are now worriers, yet this generation came from a generation of warriors, who came to new shores with nothing but themselves. We worked with three spoken…


Meet Nijla Mu’min: Director of SXSW Award-Winning Film “Jinn”

In March, writer-director Nijla Mu’min not only premiered her debut feature film “Jinn” at SXSW to excited crowds, but also came home with the jury prize for writing. A film four years in the making, it tells the story of 17-year old Summer (Zoe Renee) whose life is turned upside down when her mother Jade…