Till We Cover Launches #BornFromWarriors Campaign

Till We Cover embraces modesty through urban expression, and are passionate about social inclusion.  The campaign #bornfromwarriors is centered around inclusivity, and a generation standing together.

A generation who are now worriers, yet this generation came from a generation of warriors, who came to new shores with nothing but themselves.

We worked with three spoken word artists, and it was written by Amerah Saleh, who has published a book and is known as @voiceofthepoets (Instagram). The other two artists are Lamyaa Hanchaoui and Raza Hussain.

Amerah’s sentiments are below:

“I feel like our generation are worriers, and rightfully so, but quite often we forget we are born from warriors who have dealt with so much for us to be here and be living the life we are. I wanted to pay homage, to my own mother but to all the parents and guardians in the world who are the true warriors.”

“Worriers for me, stems from the political climate right now. Our generation is having to deal with so much complexities; brexit, university fees, creative industries, and so on. So we have no choice but to worry. In all of this I am giving thanks to my warrior of a mother who has given up her life, quite literally by moving to another country, and it only felt right that I aligned that to my work with Till We Cover.”