Mayor of Charleston Announces Aug. 23 as Reshma Khan Day

The mayor of Charleston, S.C., Mayor John Tecklenburg and his wife Sandy Tecklenburg recently announced Aug. 23 as Reshma Khan Day. Dr. Reshma Khan, a gynecologist and founder of The Shifa Clinic, dedicates her time serving women who are in need of health care but cannot afford it. Khan was also recently awarded a Leadership in Diversity Award. Dr. Khan not…


4 Years Later: A Protester Recalls the Harrowing Rabaa Massacre

On Aug. 14, 2013, Mustafa’s* friend, an Egyptian police officer, called and warned him to leave the Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, immediately because a disaster was going to happen. Mustafa and his friends brushed it off and told him he was not leaving because it probably wouldn’t be too serious. The next couple of hours…

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Why This Is Our New Favorite Hijab Shop

I’ve been loving all of the new and emerging hijab and modest lines. I recently received a hijab from Hijab Loft in my Muslim Girl Care Package and loved it! I received the jersey hijab, and let me tell you,  it was super soft! Not only that, these hijabs are very affordable, starting at $12.95. Photo…

Bucatini with Hearty Beef Bolognese Sauce

Meet the Owner of a New Halal & Organic Meal Delivery Service

A while ago, I found out about a cute hijab company called Framed People, based in Los Angeles, that carries hijabs made with fairtrade fabrics. Recently the founder, 27-year-old Zain Abdullah, co-founded Halal Chef with her husband Rehan Azhar, 26. I was so excited to hear about this because I’m always looking for quality, clean and…

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Meet the Owner of ModernEID & Learn the Latest Eid Decor Trends

In Muslim Girl’s Eid Care Package, subscribers received a ton of goodies from modernEID, including halal gummy bears, gold flash tattoos, cute stickers and an Eid print. I loved everything from modernEID so I decided to talk to the owner and designer, Jomana Siddiqui about her company. She’s a graphic designer and stationery designer based in Orange County,…

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MG Care Package Review: Moosleemargh

For Muslim Girl’s Eid Care Package, I received an awesome sticker from Moosleemargh. The adhesive is a great addition to any item you are seeking to personalize: a laptop, notebook, car or even refrigerator. The company that collaborated with MG during Ramadan makes amazing comics and sells funny stickers too. Here are some of our favorite comics from…

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MG Eid Care Package Review: Ramadan Energy Bar

I received so many good items in my Muslim Girl Eid Care Package this month, one of my favorites being the Ramadan Energy Bar by Fajr Foods. Although Ramadan is over, many people are fasting the six white days of Shawal and others fast Mondays and Thursdays for whom this bar could come handy. These bars…


We Found the Perfect Eid Book!

If you know me, I am a children’s book hoarder. I especially am interested in children’s books written for Muslim children. So when I came across a new Eid book, I was a little too excited. As an educator and mother of two young ones, I’m always looking for inclusive, diverse books. This book is…


7 Books for Children to Read This Ramadan

Last year I compiled a list of beautiful Ramadan books for children. Since then, many new books came out written by Muslim authors. Here are some below. Perfect to add to your library this Ramadan! 1. “I Will Not Clean My Room” by Saharish Arshad “Musa’s mom asks him to clean his room. Instead, he decides…

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6 Refreshing Dessert Ideas for Ramadan

It’s Ramadan. So obviously we are all watching the Food Network and browsing food blogs, right? Last year I compiled a list of refreshing drinks for Ramadan and it was one of the most popular articles of the year! So let’s talk about desserts this Ramadan. Here are my favorite desserts that are both refreshing…


We Should All Be Supporting Palestinian Tatreez Art This Ramadan

Last year, Muslim Girl featured a campaign on Darzah, a beautiful ethical company that supports Palestinian refugees from the West Bank and Child’s Cup Full, handmade ethical toys, which I have bought from their website several times! This year, Darzah is launching a new LaunchGood to help preserve a form of Palestinian art, tatreez. I interviewed the founder,…


7 Taraweeh Tips to Get You Through the Night

Ramadan is less than a week away, and some of are trying meal prep, others are working on a Ramadan workout plan, while some are having fun decorating our homes. Ramadan is an exciting time for Muslims; most people love attending taraweeh at the masjid during Ramadan, although it may be challenging for some, such as mothers…