9 Things You Should Take to Hajj

When I performed hajj 10 years ago, there were some items I wish I had known to take with me on the blessed journey. Now that I know, I enjoy giving my bit of knowledge to friends and family who are about to embark on their own spiritual journey.
Having said that, what better way to get the 411 out there than to put it on a list for you readers here on Muslim Girl. If you are going to hajj this year, here is a list of must-haves to take with you!

1. A hajj care package from The Olive Tree Soap Co.

This care package includes unscented shampoo, unscented conditioner, and unscented deodorant (which trust me, you will need lots of in the 100+ degree heat and millions of people congregating together).

2. A FitBit

You’ll be glad to you have one so you can track how many steps you walked — because you will walk A LOT.
What a great way to let your friends know you’re taking over 10,000 steps a day while burning calories!

3. Comfortable shoes

You will be walking a lot, so comfort is key. I something easy to take on and off so no shoe laces — but nothing too expensive, in case they get lost. I recommend Crocs or Sketchers Walk.

4. A filtered water bottle 

There’s zamzam water all around the Kabaa, but a filtered water bottle will come in handy during the long bus rides from Makkah to Muzdalifa and to Mount Arafat.

5. Sunscreen, large sunglasses and a black abaya 

Saudi heat is no joke, so make sure your face is always protected and try to wear thin and light abayas. I love the abaya that Vela carries.

6. Medicine

You’ll most likely get sick during hajj because of the crowds of people so closely gathered. Some people get sick right after hajj.
Whenever you do get sick (insha’Allah, you won’t though) be prepared with basics like pain killers and flu medicine.

7. A hajj notebook

hajj notepad
You will want to document your thoughts so you can look back at one of the most important times of your life. Make sure you write about how the weather was, how you felt the first time you saw the Kabaa, and the people you met in a notebook.

8. Hajji/hajja mugs

hajja cup
You’ll want to celebrate. Why wouldn’t you? After all, you just completed a major pillar of Islam. And after that long journey, why not treat yourself to a cute cup with your new and very well deserved title?

9. A pure heart

Before going to hajj, ask your friends and relatives for forgiveness and try to fix any disputes or arguments.
Ask them what supplications you’d like to make for them and truly forgive them if they hurt you before you go on this beautiful journey to the Kabaa.
May Allah accept your hajj and prayers!