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6 Refreshing Dessert Ideas for Ramadan

It’s Ramadan. So obviously we are all watching the Food Network and browsing food blogs, right? Last year I compiled a list of refreshing drinks for Ramadan and it was one of the most popular articles of the year! So let’s talk about desserts this Ramadan. Here are my favorite desserts that are both refreshing and delicious:


1. Egyptian Mahalabia

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Photo from


Mahalabia is a delicious milk dessert that is also light! My aunt makes this all the time and it is so delicious and easy. You can top it with whatever you like- nuts, raisins, coconuts!


2. Layali Lebnan or Lebanese Nights

Photo from Fauzia's Kitchen
Photo from Fauzia’s Kitchen


Sounds dramatic, right? But this pudding dessert is semolina based and easy to make!


3. Fig and Pistachio Pavlova

Photo from Amanda's Plate
Photo from Amanda’s Plate


This dessert features my favorite fruit ever (figs) and my favorite type of nuts (pistachios). Figs are super refreshing and so sweet!


4. Gulab Jamun

Photo from Manjula's Kitchen
Photo from Manjula’s Kitchen

This popular South Asian dessert is similar to a donut, but even better because it’s dipped in sweet syrup.


5.  Mango Pudding

Photo from LittleSweetBaker
Photo from LittleSweetBaker


I love mangoes during Ramadan! They’re refreshing, sweet and you can use them in so many different ways. This easy mango pudding recipe is definitely one of the best.


6.  Watermelon and Feta Salad

Photo from My Halal Kitchen
Photo from My Halal Kitchen


Don’t let the word salad intimidate you. If you’re trying to stay healthy this Ramadan, try out this watermelon and feta salad after your meal to keep you feeling refreshed and filled with energy!


What are some of your refreshing desserts for Ramadan? Share with us below.


Edited by Tahira Ayub.