6 Easy Ramadan Crafts to Make This the Best Month Ever

My friend Bayan and I started a Ramadan Kids Club last year, and it was a huge hit at our local mosques. We wanted to make Ramadan exciting for our own kids so we collaborated with two local mosques and headed an hour-long Ramadan storytime and crafts a couple of times a day. We had more than 60 kids sign up and we read Ramadan/Islamic books along with a meaningful craft or activity.

If there’s nothing like this in your local community, then start one! Here are 6 easy Ramadan crafts for you to make with your family this year to make the holiday exciting for little ones.


1. DIY Banners 

Photo from YAHsss' Etsy shop
Photo from YAHsss’ Etsy shop


No time to order a Ramadan banner? No worries. This downloadable banner from YAHsss can be printed from your computer. Decorate, color, cut and hang up!


2. 3-D Mosques 

Photo from A Crafty Arab.
Photo from A Crafty Arab.

This cute 3-D mosque is inspired by the Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors (which is a beautiful Ramadan book). ACraftArab has a step-by-step tutorial to create this!


3. Ramadan Sun-Catcher Crafts 

Photo from Sweetfajr

These cute Ramadan sun-catchers are perfect for your windows around your home! Kids can get really creative and choose different colors and decorate them with gemstones too.  Sweet Fajr has a free printable for you to use a template.


4. 8-Pointed Stars

Photo from Hellyholydays.com
Photo from Hellyholydays.com

These cute 8-pointed stars tutorial can be found here by HelloHolyDays, where she explains the significance of the 8-pointed Stars:

“This is because a verse in the Quran states that on the Day of Judgement, 8 angels will flank God’s Throne hence the 8 points of the star. On the Throne, God has inscribed “My Mercy Supersedes My Wrath” which creates a sense of hope in God’s mercy and a hope for salvation. In Ramadan, when this sentiment of hope is particularly high, the 8-pointed star, a symbol of hope, makes perfect sense.”


5. Ramadan Fanoos

Photo from Kidsactivitiesblog.com
Photo from Kidsactivitiesblog.com

A fanoos, or a lantern, is a traditional Ramadan symbol used in many places around the world in Muslim countries. Beautiful colorful fanoos are displayed at shops, restaurants and houses. Having your kids make them is a nice way to keep up with the tradition. Check out a tutorial here.


6. Moon Collage

Photo from adventure-in-a-box.com
Photo from adventure-in-a-box.com

Nothing says Ramadan like a beautiful crescent. This is a really cute craft that will brighten up your home and add some glam!


What are some of your favorite Ramadan crafts to do with your family?