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7 Books for Children to Read This Ramadan

Last year I compiled a list of beautiful Ramadan books for children. Since then, many new books came out written by Muslim authors. Here are some below. Perfect to add to your library this Ramadan!

1. “I Will Not Clean My Room” by Saharish Arshad

clean room

“Musa’s mom asks him to clean his room. Instead, he decides to imagine all the wonderful things he’s going to do in Jannah. Join him as he dreams away and learns that good deeds are really worth the effort. Part of the My Journey to Jannah Series.” -Description from Amazon.


2. “Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud” by Helal Musleh

“Zaid is excited to go on a camping trip with his cousin Ahmed. Just as he’s getting his bag ready, he receives the news that Ahmed is sick and the camping trip is cancelled. Disappointment sets in and Zaid’s day gets gloomier by the minute! What will make Zaid’s gloomy day bright again?” -Description from their website.


3. “Is Allah Real?” By Emma Apple


“Discover the signs of Allah in the divine balance and common patterns found in the natural world. Is Allah Real? is the fourth book in the #1 best selling Islamic Children’s series.” -Description from their website.


4. “Muslim Rhymes and Lullabies” by Elizabeth Lymer


“This hardback treasury of twenty-five rhymes and lullabies is for early years practitioners who want a sturdy book of engaging songs to introduce Islam and Muslim practices to young children.” -Description from their website.


5. “Jennah’s First Hijab” by Halimah DeOliveira


“Join 9-year old Jennah on her very first adventure where she discovers the world of Hijab. Book Launches 5/20/17; All books will be shipped on this date.”


6. “Game Over: Life Outside of Videos Games” by Anwar Diggins


This author is 13 years old mashallah! Purchase his book here.


7. “A Gift From Jannah” by Hira Khan


“A touching and imaginative story, A Gift from Jannah is a welcomed addition to every Muslim child’s library. With a unique perspective and intriguing, dream-like series of events, this story is a perfect companion to feed the natural curiosities of children and their interest in birth.” – Description from their website.


What are some of your other favorite books to read to your children during Ramadan?


Edited by Tahira Ayub.