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3 Ways Allies Can Help Muslim Women

3 Ways Allies Can Help Muslim Women

Yesterday was a big day. The day that Donald Trump officially became the President of the United States of America. Many Muslims have mixed emotions ranging from fear, anxiety, anger. Our Editor-in-Chief Amani posted a practical and informative video on how allies can help Muslim women during these tough times ahead.

Check it out on her YouTube page.

Here are the highlights from her video on three easy ways allies can help Muslim women:

1. Stand up for Muslim women.

If you hear a racist statement said by someone in public or by friends or family, call them out and correct them.

2. Let us talk, and then listen.

Safety pins and hijab solidarity are cool, but actual conversations with Muslim women is more effective. Moreover, spread articles and videos that are written by Muslim women and amplify their voice.

3. Support Muslim women.

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Whether by initiatives or small business, support Muslim women platforms.

These three ways are super simple, but powerful ways white women can be allies to Muslim women. They can be done anywhere and only take a couple of seconds.

What are some other ways people can be allies to Muslim women?

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  • Assalamu aleykum Amani, first of all thanks for your blog and commitment for our beautiful and diverse community, I enjoy your blog and recommend it everytime I have the occasion.
    However I was wondering why above in your point 3 you kind of take out white women of the muslim community. ‘These three ways are super simple, but powerful ways white women can be allies to Muslim women”
    Muslim is not a skin color or a tradition ( as many Hadiths state), a black woman may not be muslim, as a white woman may be. It is important people understand Arabs do not have the monopole of Islam, East european countries such as Serbia or Albania are Muslim countries, and the largest Muslim population is in Indonesia, without mentioning the thousands of revert just in UK every year…

  • I agree with Ma, Islam and being Muslim is not limited to only one culture/region/race rather it is meant to be a universal religion for all peoples. In my mosque there are people’s of all races: white, black, Latino, Malaysian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.

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