The Top Muslim Women Milestones of the Decade

5. Queen Ibtihaj Makes Her Mark at the Olympics

She was the first Muslim-American athlete to win for Team USA at the Olympics whilst wearing a hijab! Now, I’m not from the U.S., but still, seeing that beacon of hope at a time when racism was (and still is) a huge issue was breathtaking. Seeing her compete with grace, dignity, strength, and courage to win a bronze medal was amazing! I know we still have a long way to go, though. I was shocked to read an article just a few short months after her win which stated that she was traveling back to her hometown and got pulled over for questioning at an airport in the U.S. This was just after she represented her country and won them a medal! For me, Ibtihaj Muhammad’s existence as a public figure highlights and identifies issues that Muslim women and women of colour have to deal with. It gives us a different narrative and shows us in all our authenticity — not as scared girls who need saving, but as strong women who will fight their critics and become role models doing so. Also her clothing line is amazing — I finally found clothes that look good and are modest!

—As told by Anonymous