The Top Muslim Women Milestones of the Decade

2. The Year of Halima

It truly was! We saw Halima serve face on the runways of New York Fashion Week, all while rocking her hijab! Then, we saw her become the first hijabi woman on the cover of Vogue, followed by seeing her rock the burkini on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Seeing a visibly Muslim woman represented on a global platform broke down even more stereotypes of the “oppressed” Muslim women. Halima proved that Muslim women were here to slay whilst retaining their faith, and we could do it in style! Of course, we can argue about the optics and wokeness of a hijab-donning woman appearing on the cover of a magazine like Sports Illustrated all we like, but at the end of the day, women in France are being forced to remove their burkinis in public, essentially being forced to strip down. We need to normalize the burkini for their sakes’, and this cover was a step in that direction.

—As told by Manal Moazzam