The Top Muslim Women Milestones of the Decade

14. #MuslimWomensDay Breaks the Internet

You guys, we’re celebrating the fourth consecutive year of #MuslimWomensDay in 2020. Yes, already! When we first launched the social media campaign during Women’s History Month on March 27, 2017, we had no idea if it would be a one-time thing or how long it would last. It was on the heels of the (dreaded) 2016 election, to which we knew we had to find a way to respond to hate with love. This needed to be a moment for us to make Muslim women feel more encouraged, empowered and seen at a time when we were becoming increasingly targeted to new heights. We called upon our media partners — literally the coolest and most visible platforms on the Internet — to pledge one day to flooding the Internet with new, original, authentic content uplifting our voices and telling our stories in a positive light. Dozens of inaugural partners joined in, from MTV and Teen Vogue to HuffPost, Snapchat, Bumble, and beyond, clocking tens of millions of hits worldwide and turning it into the biggest media day of the year for Muslim women.

The campaign has only gotten bigger every year since, with non-profit and organizational partners coming on board in 2018 and then brands joining in on in the fun this year. As we look to 2020 and the next decade of Muslim Girl, we couldn’t be more excited to continue raising the bar for Muslim women’s representation. Here’s to ushering in the next era in which Muslim Women Talk Back. 💗

—As told by Amani

Edited by Manal Moazzam.