Muslim Girl Lands on Dazed 100 List

Along with our Teen Vogue #AskaMuslimGirl series getting nominated for a Webby Award this week, it’s official: Muslim Girl has landed on the Dazed 100 List!

The #Dazed100 prides itself as “the definitive list of next generation talent and influencers shaping youth culture in the year ahead.” Muslim Girl is in the company of total icons like model Adwoah Aboah, rapper Lil Yachty, actor Ashton Saunders and many more.

We gotta say, it’s pretty cool that our Muslim women-focused publication is being acknowledged as “defining the future of pop culture in art, activism, fashion, film, music and sex.” Society has always tried to define us, so instead we chose to redefine it. We are carrying on the tradition of Muslim women progressing the cultures to which they belong, and growing along with them. The fact that we’re doing so even in spite of a Trump administration makes it all the more revolutionary. Thanks, Dazed, and all our badass readers who made it happen.

You can influence the ranking of the list and pick your top faves, so take a sec to vote for Muslim Girl. In doing so, you’re not only raising the visibility of our work and amplifying our presence in this space, but you’re also making a statement that you value diverse media and underrepresented narratives. A portion of Dazed’s official statement about the list says:

“The 2017 Dazed 100 explores and expresses what freedom means to young people today. It is a call-to-action for our list of creative visionaries and their communities of fans to hit reset on pop culture and take back their freedom … in underlining those whose moment is now.”

We couldn’t agree more.

To raise the rank of your fave Muslim Girl squad, vote here. Can you say top 10, baby?