This Video Project is Fighting Against Fear of Muslims

  Fear-based oppression towards Muslims in America has led to a rise in hate crimes. Islamophobic policies (the Muslim ban), and our current president in office are fueled by single narratives of Muslims being portrayed as oppressive and dangerous. To combat these single narratives, Write About Now, in collaboration with SlamFind and Short Line! is sponsoring…


‘It Took a Week for a Classmate to Call Me a Terrorist,’ Says Sepideah, MG’s Writer of This Month

Introducing our Featured Writer of the Month: Sepideah Mohsenian! A fearless, educated, and devoted jack-of-all-trades, Sepideah Mohsenian is a writer, programmer, doula and more on top of being a resilient Muslim woman. Mohsenian advocates for the intersectional identities present within the Muslim community, and showcases her advocacy not only through her writing, but through her…


Who Really Were the People at the White Supremacist Rally?

Protesters at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., have been identified via Twitter and Facebook. Yes You’re Racist, a Twitter account that has exposed casual racism since 2012, recently uncovered the names and profiles of the white nationalists that were involved in the rally. To support their work, please donate to their Patreon. Several…


Things Longer Than Scaramucci’s Term

1. Shelf life of the Greek yogurt in my fridge 2. A square of toilet paper 3. The TSA line 4. The TSA when they check my laptop for bombs 5.My split ends 6. Kim Kardashian’s marriage 7. All the screen time of Muslim actors playing complex roles combined 8. The line to make wudu 9….


Poem: In The Aftermath of Our Fallen

I. They still say Stop spreading your Muslim As if they forgot That they smeared us all over asphalt roads, Covered us all over the walls and floorboards, The scent of our burning flesh lingers above a burning building, No wonder why we are everywhere   II. Prop us up on headlines As the villain…

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White Supremacists Don’t Know What ‘Sharia’ Means So They’re Marching Against It

In news about white-people-getting-angry-because-they-won’t-google-Arabic-words news, white supremacists are organizing an anti-Muslim march on June 10. Carbonated News reports the Islamophobic marches are planned for several major cities across the country, including Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, and New York. Proud Boys has posted a flyer for this day on Facebook, with no justification as to why an…


Did Trump Just Sign an Executive Order Reversing Separation of Church & State?

Trump reversed the separation of Church and State on Thursday, after signing an executive order known as executive order is known as the “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty,” which dismantles the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment states that tax-exempt organizations “are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf…


Community Rallies Together to Support Destroyed Brooklyn Mosque

Community members in Brooklyn have recently created a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise money to rebuild a mosque that was destroyed in a fire. On Saturday morning, a fire swept through a building housing  the Sunshine Express Deli and the Brooklyn Broadway Jame Masjid and Islamic Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. According to ABC 7, The fire…

The Clique

Muslim Girl Lands on Dazed 100 List

Along with our Teen Vogue #AskaMuslimGirl series getting nominated for a Webby Award this week, it’s official: Muslim Girl has landed on the Dazed 100 List! The #Dazed100 prides itself as “the definitive list of next generation talent and influencers shaping youth culture in the year ahead.” Muslim Girl is in the company of total…


WATCH: The Secret Agenda Behind Muslim Women’s Day

  As we all know, the first inaugural Muslim Women’s Day just passed on March 27th! Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder of Muslim Girl and International Muslim Women’s Day, celebrates the success of the Muslim Women’s Day and Muslim women breaking the internet She not only thanks the media partners that pledged to center Muslim women’s voices,…


We Must Raise Our Voices as Muslim Women Every Single Day

According to media, Muslim women fall into a dichotomy of being either the submissive, conservative Arabic hijabi (who may or may not be complicit in some form of terrorism), or the westernized Muslim woman who attempts to move away from her culture as much as possible, victimized by her “barbaric” religion. Either way, they are…


Poem: Swimming in Snow

Dad can’t stand the cold He wasn’t meant for trudging through snow He was meant for swimming He swam all his life when he was younger He would choke on a sea [I don’t know the name of cause I never learned it in school and never bothered to learn] It went into his airways…