It’s Time To Set Boundaries With Your Mother-In-Law

In relationships, the connection between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is like a particular thread, uniting two families for a lifetime. The saying aptly states, “The bond between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a bridge that, when built with understanding and kindness, connects two families for a lifetime.” It’s a connection that mirrors a path of…


Did the Pandemic Impact the Age of Marriage Among Muslims?

Marriage in one’s 30s was once considered a trend, as women were encouraged to establish their careers and explore personal growth during their 20s, only contemplating settling down with a partner later. However, a shift occurred, notably accentuated by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. People found themselves confined within their own spaces, cut off…

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This Is What It Looks Like for a Divorced Muslim Woman

Being a divorced Muslim woman has become more acceptable in our community. In fact, nearly a decade ago, it was complicated and not very common – but nowadays, more people are becoming outspoken about their unhappiness. Having said that, the taboo around divorce still exists, and more so for Muslim women than men. Even after…

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I Am 25 Years Old and Still a Virgin

I am 25 years old and still a virgin. In the West, many people would be shocked. I am way past the average age that people lose their virginity. For Muslims, it may not be a shock but rather a norm. Many Muslims honor the jurisdiction that sexual activity is an act reserved for married…

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Is the Nikkah Basically a Socially Fake Marriage?

By definition, a Nikkah is an Islamic contract between two people consenting to marriage. Growing up in the fast-paced world of America, I realized that there are many difficulties when coming to terms with practicing Islam and trying to “fit in” with the crowd. Having a boyfriend, going out on dates, and having your first…

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Can Muslim Women Marry Non-Muslim Men?

Disclaimer: The views or opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the writer or Muslim Girl’s editors. It is not intended to be used for a substitute of Islamic jurisprudence. “Can Muslim Women marry outside of their religion?” The belief that Muslim Women marrying someone outside of Islam is forbidden (haram)…

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Can I Ask My Fiancé for a Medical Test Before Marriage?

Finding a life partner for marriage is dependent on so many things. Some people look for status, while others look for wealth. Some put faith first, while others consider looks. One important factor that every person should take into account is health, along with conditions that their potential partner may be susceptible to from genetic…


Is Polygamy Cool Again?

It’s not a surprise that the idea of polygamy is gaining popularity, especially in a society where shows like The Bachelor and Temptation Island are high-rating. Not to mention, we have social media influencers such as Andrew Tate endorsing a polygamous lifestyle and celebrities like Nick Canon who actively practice it.  So, What’s Up With…

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The Pre-marital Checklist Every Muslim Woman Needs

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, or at the very least, recognize others who may be celebrating today, you may be wondering about your own love life. Maybe you are interested in someone or talking to someone in hopes of a future with them. Before you move too fast, there are a lot of steps to…

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10 Halal Dating Tips for Muslim Women

You see someone attractive in your class, or at your friend’s birthday party, and you think to yourself, “How do I approach him without seeming too desperate?” Not to mention, with various opinions on the dangers of dating and the ever-present haram police everywhere, how do you go about approaching this cute guy the halal…