VIDEO: Her Name Was Nabra

A few days ago, I was at dinner with a couple of friends when one suddenly asked, “Are you afraid to be in public with your hijab?” It was the first time someone ever asked me that question in the decade that I’ve adorned a hijab. I paused, thinking for a few minutes about the…


The Hypocrisy of Donald Trump & the Arab Islamic American Summit

The Arab Islamic American Summit was saturated with political hypocrisy. After implementing two executive orders that prohibit people from Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., claiming that “Islam hates us,” and having Islamophobic cabinet members that espouse Huntingtonian-like us vs. them worldviews, Saudi Arabia, the custodian of the two holiest mosques in Islam, welcomed Donald Trump…


NJ Resident of 10 Years Abderrahim Zakarya Faces Deportation

Abderrahim Zakarya needs your help. Zakarya is an undocumented New Jersey resident of 10 years and an EMT volunteer, who risks deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The 23-year-old Jersey City resident of Moroccan descent is married to an American citizen, but due to financial difficulties, Zakarya and his wife were unable to go through…


Meet The Muslim Woman Who Lasted 8 Days in Trump’s Administration

Rumana Ahmed received widespread media recognition after publishing an evocative personal essay in The Atlantic discussing her brief experience working for the Trump administration in its early chaotic days. Muslim Girl sat down with Rumana to learn more about her time working for the Obama and Trump administrations and to understand how Muslims can effectively…

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Lindsay Lohan Stopped at Heathrow Airport for Wearing a Hijab

In an interview on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Lindsay Lohan confessed that she was stopped and racially profiled at London Heathrow Airport while traveling from Turkey to New York because she was wearing a headscarf. Lohan claimed that the airport security officer stopped her and conducted a double security check….


91 Mosques Were Attacked in Germany in 2016

According to the Associated Press, 91 mosques were attacked in Germany in 2016 alone. A report by the German Interior Ministry that said most of the attacks occurred in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where a large number of Muslims live. The report claimed that German security officials identified suspects in 12 of the…


US Appeals Court Blocks Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

In a preliminary ruling, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a bid to reinstate President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban, meaning that formerly barred refugees and citizens from seven Muslim majority countries can continue to enter the United States as long as they have proper legal documents. The three-judge panel unanimously upheld the ruling…


Muslim Women Reflect on World Hijab Day in a Trump Era

Over the years, hijab has been repeatedly exploited, sexualized, and politicized for various reasons that all fail to identify and understand its underlying purpose. In the West, it’s seen predominantly as a symbol of oppression, overlooking the fact that thousands of women wear hijab by choice. Hijab is often erroneously reduced to a dark piece…


WATCH: Katy Perry Produces and Funds Pro-Muslim PSA

Grammy-nominated singer, Katy Perry, and film producer, Mari Rivera, produced a two-minute video warning viewers about the similarities between Japanese internment camps and the possibility of a Muslim registry under a Trump administration. The public service announcement, released several days ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration, chronicles the story of 89-year-old Haru Kuromiya, a Japanese American…


Stop Shaming Yasmin Seweid

On Wednesday, Yasmin Seweid, an 18-year-old Muslim girl from New York who claimed that she was attacked by three drunk Trump supporters on a subway, was arrested and arraigned for falsifying a police report and obstructing government administration. She could serve up to two years in jail if indicted. On Dec. 1, Seweid reported that…


7 Must-Read Books for a Trump Presidency

Trump’s incoming presidency is ushering in an era of normalized bigotry and intolerance under the pretense of political incorrectness. Average Americans are just shockingly uninformed and translate their ignorance into bigotry to reflect that of the president-elect’s. And this is only going to increase under a Trump administration. There’s no better way to combat this…