UN to Raise Palestinian Flag at New York Headquarters For First Time

Mark your calendars, ladies.

Today, on September 30, 2015, the United Nations will take historic action by hoisting the Palestinian flag before its New York Headquarters. Considered a small step toward reaching Palestinian international recognition and statehood, the ceremony will be attended by many fancy diplomatic dignitaries who enjoy empty and ineffective rhetoric at the expense of the Palestinian people; namely Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. Shots fired.

119 countries voted in support of the motion, 45 abstained, and 8 voted against.

Earlier this month, the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of raising the Palestinian flag. 119 countries voted in support of the motion, 45 abstained, and 8 voted against including, most blatantly, Israel, the United States and their puppets, which rely on U.S. aid. No surprise there.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, supported her vote, claiming that the raising of the Palestinian flag “will not bring the parties closer to peace.” Well, Sam, neither is deliberately refusing to publicly recognize illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing, and vetoing over 30 U.N. resolutions that solely serve to protect Israel from being held accountable for its deplorable actions. The U.S. has often maintained that it remains “neutral” regarding Israel and Palestine, but its actions largely demonstrate otherwise.

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Many European Union countries endorsed the proposal including France, Italy, and Sweden, which was the first Western European country to recognize the state of Palestine. Unlike most Americans, many Europeans and their leaders sympathize with the plight of the Palestinian people. This sympathy is in some part due to European media, which is arguably less censored by major Israeli public relations corporations than American mainstream media. Don’t you just love American “freedom of speech?”

The flags flown before the U.N. all hang in alphabetic order from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The Palestinian flag will stand adjacent to the Vatican flag in an off-set location from the rest of the flags, reserved solely for non-member observer states, which for Palestine physically represents its isolation from the international community.

…it represents a slow but steady change of international perception towards the state of Palestine.

So, what does the hoisting of the Palestinian national flag actually mean for Palestinians and their plight for self-determination and statehood?

Perhaps the single progressive aspect about this historic action, is that it represents a slow but steady change of international perception towards the state of Palestine that could probably lead to eventual statehood. More importantly, this small change demonstrates the weakening influence of American hegemony over other states that normally follow in the monstrous foot steps of the U.S., which is a crucial element for Palestine since the U.S. is Israel’s greatest ally.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t actually change the situation on the ground. Palestinians will still be subjected to horrific and dehumanizing treatment at Israeli checkpoints. Electricity and water will still be cut off and limited in the West Bank. Israeli Defense Forces soldiers will continue to harass ordinary Palestinians. Children will still suffer from post-traumatic stress. Gaza will still remain isolated in despair and unlivable ruins. The list unfortunately extends to more tragic events that are customary for ordinary Palestinians.

There is still so much to be done for Palestine. But for now let’s embrace this small victory.

To read the official U.N. Press Release – Click Here.

Watch the U.N. vote below.


Image: PressTV News