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How International Allyship Is Influenced By White Supremacy

Putin’s latest attacks on Ukraine and its current refugees have reminded the Middle East of the death of innocent civilians of Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine. The death of innocent and innocence itself is what combines the mentioned countries and Ukraine’s oppression. Civilians flee and become refugees. There is no choice left: either you leave everything…


This Is What Michelle Williams Got Wrong About Voting in Her Speech at the 2020 Golden Globes

During the 2020 Golden Globes, actress Michelle Williams accepted her award to make a political opinion — confidently going against Ricky Gervais’ request that performers needn’t use this platform to share an opinion as “the public doesn’t care what you think,” since everyone in that room was working with organizations knee-deep in exploitative practices.   …

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A Muslim Migrant in a Land of Rising Islamophobia Makes a Choice

Islamophobia in Germany, and increasing racist hate crimes against Muslims in Germany did not scare Seema from choosing to begin fulfilling her religious obligation – to don her headscarf. There I stand, at the bathroom sink, making my wuhdu to pray Salat-ul-Dhur on the day of Eid-al-Adha. Seema walks in. She looks very different. So…

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Another Potential Islamophobic Hate Crime: Policeman & Two Others Arrested in Stabbing of California Teen for “Speaking Arabic”

A teenager has been stabbed in Huntington Beach, CA for “speaking Arabic.”  The incident is not being investigated as an alleged Islamophobic hate crime, despite displaying some glaring hallmarks of a hate crime. Karam Jarrah, 17, was walking home with his brother-in-law, when the three suspects began verbally abusing them. Jarrah recounted to KABC that the three…