What’s Next for Turkey After the Attempted Coup?

Will democracy and the rule of law remain under Erdogan’s rescued government? The government of President Recep Erdogan has already experienced a remarkable resurgence in power and control over Turkey merely days after Friday’s failed coup. Less than a week ago, the world watched as a faction of the Turkish army blockaded the Bosphorus Bridge, and declared…


Here’s Why Charity is Absolutely Vital This Ramadan

Zakat, or charity, is one of the fundamental tenets that underpins the faith of all Muslims.  It is, after all, a pillar of Islam. The giving of wealth to less fortunate Muslims, especially in the Holy month of Ramadan, has a long tradition. The companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, were famously generous…


Muslim Women Escorted Off jetBlue for Staring Too Long?

Two Muslim women were escorted by authorities off a JetBlue flight from Boston to Los Angeles for allegedly “staring” at a flight attendant. The incident, which was recorded by passengers, saw the passengers of the flight being instructed to remain seated after the plane landed as authorities were boarding the flight. The two women were…

(Credit: ABC7)

Another Potential Islamophobic Hate Crime: Policeman & Two Others Arrested in Stabbing of California Teen for “Speaking Arabic”

A teenager has been stabbed in Huntington Beach, CA for “speaking Arabic.”  The incident is not being investigated as an alleged Islamophobic hate crime, despite displaying some glaring hallmarks of a hate crime. Karam Jarrah, 17, was walking home with his brother-in-law, when the three suspects began verbally abusing them. Jarrah recounted to KABC that the three…


First Women From Saudi Arabia To Be Elected Into Office

Preliminary results indicate that at least 17 women have been elected to office in Saudi Arabia in Saturday’s historic elections. The landmark elections marked the first time in the history of the conservative monarchy that women have been allowed to vote and run for office. Among the trailblazing Saudi women, who are the first women…


You’re Muslim and Want Privacy? LOL!

A list was published Wednesday with names of Muslims and “Muslim sympathizers,” along with their addresses. It has since been taken down — but was originally published by David Wright III, the organizer of an armed anti-Muslim protest at the Islamic Center of Irving, T.X. It highlights the intensification of Islamaphobia and threats of violence…


Myanmar’s Muslims Are Being Used as Political Pawns

For the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar, the November 8 elections do not carry with them the promise of respite from ethnic and religious persecution. The silence by celebrated human rights activist and the current opposition leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, on the continued violence against the unrecognized ethnic minority, only serves to…


A Powerful Earthquake Strikes South Asia – Again

A powerful earthquake, magnitude 7.5, has struck north-east of Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of over 50 people in the remote provinces of Afghanistan and a further 187 in neighboring northern Pakistan. The aftershocks of the quake were felt as far as New Delhi, and officials expect the death toll to rise significantly as the…


Turkey Bombings are an Affront to Peace in the Middle East

The casualties of the twin bombing attack on protesters at a peace rally in the Turkish capital, Ankara, have been estimated at 95 dead, with hundreds more injured. The attack on a peace demonstration urging for an end to the conflict between Kurdish separatist groups and the Turkish government has further escalated tensions within Turkey….