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6 Refreshing Drinks for Ramadan

6 Refreshing Drinks for Ramadan

Water is always great to drink at iftar, but sometimes you need a little extra something to help with hydration and also a sweeter taste. Here are some of our favorite refreshing drinks to try this Ramadan:

  • Egyptian Tamarind: My mom used to make this delicious drink for iftar. Thinking of it makes me nostalgic. This apricot juice is a famous Egyptian drink recipe that we think you will enjoy.

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  • Watermelon juice: Watermelon contains mostly water, and tons of vitamins, so watermelon juice will keep you feeling refreshed all evening long!


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  • Sahlab: Okay, this is another Egyptian drink, but it’s so delicious that I have to share. My aunt used to make this when we visited Egypt in the summers. It’s a hot, vanilla-like drink that will warm your whole body as you take sips of it, and it goes great with dates!


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    • Mango Lassi: Mangos are a great summer drink, and I love Indian mango lassi because of its sweet taste, and also because milk is used in it, so it’s protein-packed!


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  • Fruit-infused water: If you’re watching your sugar intake, and would rather save your calories for food instead, then fruit-infusd water is a great alternative to juices! We love these different options!

water fruit

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