Should You Remove Your Hijab for Job Opportunities?

Recently, a Swedish Newspaper reported that a student in Sweden was denied a summer job because she wears hijab. The girl was going to work at a factory that said covering hair with a veil was against their hair covering policy.
This particular company had a hygiene policy that included hair being covered–but with a hairnet, not a scarf.
Why the hairnet couldn’t be worn under or over the hijab is beyond me.
The girl offered to wear the hairnet in addition to her hijab, and have a special hijab that she would only use at work. However, this was not good enough for the factory. They were were “kind” enough (insert sarcasm here) to offer her the job if she took off her hijab during working hours; an offer that she obviously  turned down.

The good news is that one of the owners of the company found out about the woman’s hire being denied and got very upset, stating that it was against their basic values to deny this woman a job because of her religious choice.

Sadly, stories similar to this one are nothing unusual.
As for me, I am a part-time hijabi; some days, I wear it, and some days I don’t.  Which means some days I have a dilemma, because many companies here in Europe want a photo of you submitted along with your application.

I struggle with this, and question whether I should send a photo of me with our without a hijab when looking for a job.

After a lot of thought, I’ve recently made the decision to stay true to my hijab, and wear it in all my application pictures.
To me, it’s simple: A company that wouldn’t want to hire me when they find out I’m Muslim (and sometimes wear the hijab) is not a company I would like to work for, because I need to be true to myself.
Submitted by Robin Gustafsson