Move Over, Coffee: 5 Foods That Give You Energy

This is my favorite part of writing about health, because I love food!
Besides the wonderful taste, food gives us energy.  But certain foods give us the wrong type of energy. Processed and greasy foods can contribute to a diet high in fats and sugar, and can result in lower energy and physical performance. Plus, greasy foods can give you acne, weight problems, spike your blood sugar, and much more!
Keeping that in mind, I’m going to name five foods that you can eat on a regular basis to give you the energy you need to be the best you can be throughout the day!

1. Almonds
Almonds are a good source of healthy fats and protein. They help balance your blood sugar levels and they’re both found in high amounts in almonds. They can be eaten alone or try adding them to your oatmeal.
2. Quinoa  
I believe that quinoa is the world’s super food. This bad boy is rich in complex carbohydrates and protein that’ll keep you full and energized throughout the day. Try to incorporate quinoa into your salad and soups for an extra protein boost.
3. Bananas
It’s bananas! This delicious treat helps keep you full, and it also helps keep your digestive system healthy while giving you B-vitamins.
4. Greek Yogurt
This is my favorite! It’s a quick thing to prepare and very customize-able (it’s fun adding your favorite healthy toppings). Yogurt contains probiotics, which are an important factor when it comes to keeping a balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract. It also gives you energy and boosts your immune system.
5. Eggs
Last but not least, eggs. I love how you can make eggs in so many different kinds of ways. Omelets, fried, scrambled; so many options! Other than this, eggs are high in protein, and provide you with a B-vitamin called choline, which is needed for energy. Try having a veggie omelet with a side of salad. I’m getting hungry just typing about this.
Even through there’s many more foods that can provide us with more energy, these are a few that I like eating on a regular basis that give me the energy I need to get through the day. I hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time!
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