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5 Ways to Stay Fit Behind Your Desk

It can be frustrating working at a desk job — no movement, and you may find yourself snacking way more than you should. Here are my top 5 tips on staying healthy in the office! 1. Snacks! No, not cookies. Try to keep snacks such as ProBar or piece of fruit available in your desk….


Move Over, Coffee: 5 Foods That Give You Energy

This is my favorite part of writing about health, because I love food! Besides the wonderful taste, food gives us energy.  But certain foods give us the wrong type of energy. Processed and greasy foods can contribute to a diet high in fats and sugar, and can result in lower energy and physical performance. Plus,…


5 Health Benefits of Making Wudu

You know that thing you do everyday, multiple times daily? The hand washing three times before prayer routine? Yes, I’m talking about wudu! Not only does it prepare us to make our salat, but it also has many health benefits. Keep reading for five health benefits of wudu.   1. Our body is in contact with germs on…


5 Ways to Meal Prep Like a Champ

Everyone is different, so something can be highly effective for one person, and totally inefficient to another.  For me, one thing that’s always helped me stick with my health and fitness goals is meal prepping! This means packing up enough meals for the next few days, up to a week. I’m always on the go and I…