How to Keep Your Child(ren) Entertained During Taraweeh

I recently wrote a post about how mosques should become more accommodating spaces for children and mothers, and that includes proving a babysitting services.
Unfortunately, that might not always be the case, so what is a mother to do if she has young kids? Sure, she can just stay pray at home, but there’s nothing that says Ramadan like late night taraweeh prayers. There’s also the option of having one’s husband stay with the kids and alternating. But if that is also not an option either, depending on people’s lives–a mom can be a single mother; hubby can work the night shift…the list of life happening goes on.
Over the past couple of years, I have tried my best to take my children to the mosque for events, especially Friday prayers and taraweeh.
What works best for my children and I is planning ahead.
I love taking a special bag for my preschooler and toddler with fun little things to keep them entertained for some time. I try to avoid tablets/T.V. if possible, so here are some of my favorite items to take along to keep young children quiet, happy, and entertained during taraweeh:
1- A special bag just for Ramadan. I love this My Ramadan Bag from Hafsa Creates. I mean, it has green glitter, what’s there not to like? If you don’t want to spend too much, then find any reusable bag you have at home, and have your child decorate it!
2- Quiet Ramadan decorating activities. I love this Ramadan Wall Decoration from Arabic Playground. Print it on card stock and have your kids color and decorate it during taraweeh,  and then hang up at the mosque or at home!
Ramadan Wall Decoration - P1
3- Educational pieces. Since Ramadan is during the summer, why not brush up on your child’s alphabet? And since I’m an educator who encourages bilingual education, I love this leather Arabic set from The Souk.
4- Stickers and stamps. I love stickers and stamps because kids love them, and it will keep them entertained for some time. Grab some construction paper, and let them be creative as possible. Make sure the stamp ink you get is washable in case it gets on the masjid carpet. I love these adorable Muslim character stickers by Muslim Me and fun Ramadan stamps from Eid Way
5- Treats. Having some treats in your child’s special Ramadan bag is a must. I mean, yes, it will be late and maybe your child doesn’t need more sugar, but these halal marshmallows from Simply Mallows are the best thing ever. I would use this as an incentive (i.e., if you sit quietly until I pray 4 taraweeh prayers, you get to choose a treat!) or as a bribe once in  a while (we’ve all been there, moms, right?!). You can also have healthy snack options that are not messy like cheese, bananas, granola bars, etc.
6-  Coloring books. Coloring sheets and books are always safe and easy. Allah to Z has some fun and free coloring sheets and so does READ Little Muslims. 
And there you have  it. Preparing ahead and filling taraweeh with fun activities and snacks for your children will make the evening less stressful, and your kids will be contained in a safe and tranquil environment.
Just hope that your child doesn’t spot little Maysa climbing on all the aunties’ backs as they make sujood, and join her. And in case she does want to join her, then bribe her with the marshmallows. It will work.