3 Spring/Summer Fashion Staples to Grab Right Away

Goodbye, fall and winter, and let’s say hello to the warmer weather.
The fashion industry is buzzing with new trends, styles, lines, and collections. It’s pure beautiful madness. A lot of you tend to ask me, “I love your clothes, but I never seem to find anything when I’m shopping. Come shopping with me?” While I wish I could go on a huge shopping spree with every one of you, I unfortunately can’t…but I can hook a sister up and show you some staples for this spring and summer that are available to buy, right now.
So no more wandering around stores for an hour trying to find that one thing you saw on Instagram, I’m breaking things down for you right here.

Photo credit: Austere Attire
Photo credit: Austere Attire

Spring Hijabs/Scarves

Wait…am I telling you guys to wear a hijab that isn’t black? I know, I’m shocked myself. Although I’m not a fan of bright colors, muted tones are the way to go. It’s a struggle finding them amidst the mess that stores can often be.  I linked to some goodies I found below; some I even copped myself!
Dusty Pink Scarf
Mauve/Muted Purple
Baby Blue

Top it off.

I can’t even begin to explain how much crop tops make spring/summer fashion 10x better, Surprisingly. They started off as a trend that seemed unwearable in a modest sense, but layer it over a long tee, a dress, or pair them with a pair of high waisted wide-leg pants, and you’ve got yourself a comfortable and chic look.
Dolman-Sleeved Top
From the flared out sleeves, to the contemporary material, and loose fit, this crop top is perfect match for you for a more dressed-up look, (And it comes in three colors…score?)
Short Jersey Tops
These short jersey tops create the epitome of a casual ensemble;, this is basically my go to lazy day look. A jersey crop top over a maxi, with some accessories and you’re set.

Photo credit: Wide leg soft pants by Jennifer Lopez; grab ’em at Kohl’s.


So…I’ve been actually secretly waiting for this trend to come back in style, and now that it is, I can finally stop getting weird looks for my non-skinny jean days…(But then again, who cares about weird stares?!) Anyways, wide leg pants/palazzos/culottes are all over every store right now, which is perfect in time for the struggle of modesty in the heat.  Our editor loves the J. Lo “Soft pants” from Kohl’s.  
Will you be incorporating any of these trends into your wardrobe?