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11 Lessons on Spiritual Growth From ICNA 2016

Photo credit: YouTube screen shot Recently, I attended the annual ICNA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, as I do every year. Established on September 1st, 1968, the Islamic Circle of North America was a response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim community in North America. They eventually started this convention to create a platform…

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3 Spring/Summer Fashion Staples to Grab Right Away

Goodbye, fall and winter, and let’s say hello to the warmer weather. The fashion industry is buzzing with new trends, styles, lines, and collections. It’s pure beautiful madness. A lot of you tend to ask me, “I love your clothes, but I never seem to find anything when I’m shopping. Come shopping with me?” While…

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Giving Back is the New Black: Check Out These Brands That Look Good & Do Good!

Photo credit: Half United, Instagram, @halfunited The fashion industry is a busy one, with trends changing faster than the seasons, and the latest and greatest up hitting both the runways and your Instagram feed. Love it or hate it, fashion has a way of tangling you up into the web it weaves (or sweater it knits)….


9 Muslim Women Making History. Right. Now.

Contrary to popular and societal belief, Muslim women everywhere have made history and have become revolutionary game changers and leaders. Some (ignorant) people might say, “Whaaaa? So you’re saying that Muslim Women AREN’T the silenced and oppressed powerless women hidden in the burqas like I think they are?” Yes, ignorant person, that is exactly what…

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4 Athleisure Trends To Fit Into Your Wardrobe

Athleisure (noun): a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions. The rush of excitement I felt when I saw that the sweatpants, sneakers and tees i’ve been wearing as…

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4 Skin Care Products That’ll Change Your Life

Skin care is probably something we all end up spending some serious money on. It’s vital to take care of your skin snd I’ve had my fair share of experience with a million products. I’ve finally come to a stable point in my life where I’ve been able to narrow it down to these holy…


Life Without Allah Doesn’t Make Sense

Sometimes, we may find ourselves feeling distant from Islam. We may feel like our life is falling apart and that we’re hopeless or that our level of faith is at a low. We feel lost, we worry no prayer is being answered and then we ask ourselves: “How can I possibly get myself through this?”…

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4 Perfect Holiday Outfits for All the Food You’ll Eat

Happy Holidays! I know some of us may not celebrate them all but it’s still a time where all families and friends love to get together, have fun and most importantly — eat. I know some of you are probably thinking “Shoot…What do I wear? Can I just show up in my pajamas?” — Trust…

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I Woke Up Like This: Three Effortless Looks

If anyone reading this is a student like me, you obviously know that it’s tough to come up with outfits so early in the mornings, especially due to the lack of sleep and loads of work — #life. Here are some really simple looks that I put together in about five minutes, that you can…

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My Summer Fashion Essentials

“Aren’t you, like, hot under there?” “If I were be you, I would be sweating.” “I don’t know how you survive.” Trust me, you don’t know how many times I’ve had to hear all that in just one day of walking around school — it’s brutal. But there are ways to avoid the extreme heat,…

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Trends You Think You Can’t Pull Off (But Can)

“You could never pull that off.” It’s nice to see trends on the runway; the fashion world is constantly evolving. But sometimes there’s a trend or two that make us go, “Oh my God, I really want to try that!” and “Oh my God, I could never pull that off!” at the same time. So,…


Hijabi Fashion Essential: Black Maxi Skirt

We all have that one huge essential in our closet, whether it’s a bag, scarf, or dress. Mine is a simple black maxi skirt. I don’t know what I’d do without it — I wear it so many different ways! So I thought, what’s a better way to show you all how I styled it…