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#MGTop8: The Fearless Girl Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi gets our Fearless Girl superlative in our first-ever #MGTop8. The #MGTop8 highlights fearless changemakers that are making an impact on elevating Muslim women’s voices. To view the rest of our #MGTop8, click here. Having recently celebrated her seventeenth birthday behind bars, Ahed Tamimi has lived under occupation her entire life. Restraints and restrictions have been placed on…

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10 Must-Read Books to Mentally Prepare for Trump’s Second Year

One year after the controversial 2016 presidential elections, the nation remains deeply polarized amongst ideological lines. The counterstrain of resistance rooted in activism, art and scholarship provides opportunities to challenge the violence and systematic oppression that communities of color, women, queer folks, immigrants, people with disabilities and students face as a direct result of the…


Muslim Girl Founder Slams Racist Politics on Australian TV

Muslim Girl Founder, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, joined together with other leading writers and global thinkers on Australia’s most watched television show –  ABC’s Q&A last night. Together with panelists Rutger Bregman, Laurie Penny, Shashi Tahroor and Michael Fullilove, she took the internet by storm in response to audience questions ranging from Western feminism and hijabs to utopia and…