This is What it’s Like #BeingBlackandMuslim

#BeingBlackandMuslim has taken over Twitter by storm as Black Muslims speak out against discrimination and racism outside of and within Islam. It’s an empowering hashtag that gives Black Muslims the mic. And while non Black people of color is Islam preach that there is no room for racism in Islam, we Black Muslims haven’t seen…


This TED Talk Explains How Doctors Can Miss Simple Diagnosis

There’s a common saying taught to medical residents who have just been bestowed the power to diagnose and write prescriptions to properly treat a patient. When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. Translation: rule out the obvious options first, before you consider more technical possibilities. In his Ted Talks video “What Makes Us…

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Meet the Somali Woman Revolutionizing Our Social Justice Conversations

Asha Noor is a racial justice and human rights activist, peace building and conflict resolution specialist, educator and writer. She serves as the Advocacy and Civic Engagement Specialist for the national TAKE ON HATE program. Noor has worked both domestically and abroad in conflict zones with marginalized communities, including women, afro-indigenous groups, refugees, religious minorities…